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The 5 Step Genucel Method for Treating Eye Bags

March 12, 2019
What Happens to Our Skin and Eyes as we Age? Our skin is one of our biggest selling points. It can give away our age and our vitality. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity. This is because the collagen in our skin thins out over time. Thinner skin has a more transparent appearance. The veins are more noticeable with transparent skin.

The bags under our eyes appear darker. It is not because we are more tired but because the skin underneath the eyes is very thin in comparison to other parts of the body. Therefore we can see the veins and blood underneath the eye as dark circles around the eyes. Thinner skin makes this more noticeable.

The facial muscles also weaken. This causes the skin to sag and gives rise to wrinkles. Another effect of aging is that our body loses the ability to retain water as efficiently which makes the skin look older. The fat deposits in our face move around with time, providing less support. This is quite noticeable in the eyes. The eyes appear puffier or swollen.

There are surgical treatments available that can correct swollen eyes, however, these methods tend to be more invasive. They can involve long recovery times that result in time off from work or other activities.

how to get rid of eye bags instantly

How to Reduce Eye Puffiness

The company provides a plant-based eye treatment using a tetrapeptide known as Eyeseryl. Peptides and amino acids are the building blocks for strong and healthy skins. Many plant-based products serve as effective skin ointments because of the natural oils found in plants.

Plants are also rich in antioxidants and minerals that help to nourish the skin and fight against aging. The tetrapeptide in mixed into several formulas to offer a variety of skin treatment options. The company recommends the following five simple steps to effectively and safely treat eye puffiness.

The Five-Step System

This first step is the plant stem cell therapy. Stem cells interact with the body like normal cells. They act as replacement cells for cells that were either damaged or lost over time. The stem cells repair damaged tissue and restore the skin back to its youthful appearance. It's recommended to wait a couple of weeks to notice the results.

The second step is Genucel eyelid treatment. Peptides are used to strengthen the weakened muscles that support the eyelids. This results in a firmer appearance of the eyelids.

The third step is known as the Genucel XV treatment. This step targets the wrinkles. An anti-aging formula is applied to reduce the wrinkles. The formula includes a hyaluronic acid which helps to trap moisture. Another ingredient is CoQ10 which serves to reduce UV damage and damage caused by free radicals.

The fourth step is the Genucel Immediate Effects. This further targets the wrinkles through advanced Relaxoderm technology. It is recommended to apply this method daily.

The final step is to supplement the treatment with Cristalles Microdermabrasion. A topical formula is applied to correct areas of discoloration. The formula uses magnesium oxide to decompose unhealthy skin and reveal smoother skin.

What's the Final Verdict?

The Company offers a powerful skin treatment which incorporates a blend of natural minerals, peptides, and enzymes. These ingredients work well with the skin to provide the most natural results. The formula works its way through the skin to provide maximum nourishment. Many of the ingredients used in the formula are based on natural enzymes in the body and therefore interact with the body in a similar manner. The five-step method offers a safe and effective alternative to surgical methods.

5 Benefits of Drinking Organo Gold Coffee

January 31, 2019
Whether it's because they enjoy the taste or they're needing more energy, people have many reasons for loving coffee. Regardless of this drink's popularity, you might wonder what makes coffee so great. It's also understandable to wonder how beneficial coffee is for your health. With that in mind, here are the top five benefits of drinking coffee.

Boosting Your Immune System

An unfortunate part of life is dealing with being sick. If you want to avoid being sick all of the time, it's important to have a strong immune system. Fortunately, there are ways you can help increase your immune system's strength. One of the best ways to do this is by drinking coffee each day. Coffee is full of antioxidants which help to increase the strength of your immune system. In turn, you'll be able to have an easier time avoiding sicknesses throughout the year.

health benefits of drinking coffee daily

Receiving More Fiber

It's often difficult for people to get everything they need from their diets. Unfortunately, this means that many people aren't consuming enough fiber each day. Fiber helps to ensure that you lower your risk of both diabetes and heart disease. In addition, fiber is a great way to have an easier time managing your body weight. Fiber also helps keep you regular which means avoiding painful and bothersome bouts of constipation.

Lowering Your Risk of Developing Depression

Life is often full of stressful situations. If you're dealing with these situations, it could have an effect on your overall well-being. This is why people often suffer from bouts of depression. Depression often makes people feel tired, sad, and many other types of negative feelings. Fortunately, studies have shown that drinking coffee helps people feel less depression than those who don't drink this beverage.

health benefits of drinking coffee daily

Having a Healthier Mouth

While you might not think so, drinking coffee can actually help keep your teeth clean. This is because the strength of most coffees kills bacteria on your teeth. However, this benefit is less present for those who add lots of sugar to their cups of coffee. Therefore, you'll need to drink black coffee to be able to notice this benefit.

health benefits of drinking coffee daily

Staying Energized

One of the most popular reasons people drink coffee is to receive an energy boost. This is because coffee often contains caffeine. Consuming caffeine gives people increased amounts of energy. Therefore, drinking coffee is a great way to stay energized throughout the day. However, there are others who are sensitive to caffeine. Fortunately, there are many types of decaffeinated coffees available for these individuals.

To summarize, there are several beneficial reasons to consider drinking coffee. If you're looking for a great coffee brand, consider choosing Organo Gold. This company is based out of Los Angeles, California. Organo Gold's coffees contain Ganoderma powder, known for its beneficial effects on the immune system. Ganoderma powder comes from a fungus and has been shown to benefit the immune system for the past 2,000 years. Drinking coffee form Organo Gold helps to ensure that you receive advanced detox, antioxidants, and immune support.

Waiakea Water Transform the Bottled Water World

January 22, 2019
Bottled water is a product that many people use on a daily basis. Staying hydrated has many benefits. When people drink enough water, they find it easier to concentrate on work. They can also find it easier to avoid health problems that can pop up in hot weather, such as heatstroke.

Bottled water is a portable source of water that is refreshing and easy to access as needed at any time of the day. One company that understands why people love bottled water so much is Waiakea Water. As a source of Hawaiian volcanic water, it offers volcanic water benefits that many users have embraced with great appreciation. It is this that has helped the company stand out from the crowd and create a loyal and happy consumer fan base.

Creating a Sustainable Vision

While there are many reasons why so many people like the water so much, one reason is that they know that doing so means they are drinking water that is packaged in accordance with the highest possible environmental standards. At Waiakea Water, they use modern technology that assures that all the bottled water they sell is made using recyclable materials.

This material is one that allows the company to offer superior packaging that keeps the water free of impurities and makes it possible to tread lightly on the earth at the same time. This process means that people can freely enjoy the many benefits of this water while also making sure they are engaging with a company that is totally dedicated to all things green.

As a result of its efforts, Waiakea has been certified as a carbon-neutral company. This means that the company is able to offer wonderful water that is also bottled without contributing to problems with carbon emissions in any way. This kind of attention to detail is why so many people have found the water such a terrific thing to add to their pantry and take with them on the road.

Waiakea Water Transform the Bottled Water World

Full Decomposition

Using this type of bottle has another fabulous effect. Some bottled waters have bottles that can take a very long time to decompose. This can have highly negative effects on the local environment. This is not true for Waiakea Water. The company offers containers that will fully decompose in only a year and a half. Many traditional bottles will take a lot longer.

This care for the environment is a process that takes center stage at Waiakea Water. It is why consumers turn to Waiakea for water that tastes delicious. Not only does the water taste good, but drinking it also means that people are doing something positive for the environment and their bodies. The crisp, pure water can help people stay energized and remain positive all day long.

It makes a great alternative to drinks such as soft drinks. Soft drinks are filled with unwanted calories and additives. Waiakea Water is totally made from all natural ingredients in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. More and more people are continuing to discover the benefits of drinking this delightful beverage.

Lime Crime is the Wave of Future Beauty

December 14, 2018
Reaching out to clients in a crowded market can be tough. Companies that can establish a connection with their customers are those companies that are likely to enjoy a great deal of success. Company officials need to be creative to find ways to bring attention to their products and show them to a client base. One company that has fully explored this process is Lime Crime.

The company is a leader in what is known as the direct-to-consumer world of marketing. This is a process where company officials make direct sales to clients without the need for a secondary party. A direct media marketing audience is one that is likely to see success provided it is done well. Consumers respond well to companies that indicate they share the client's values and understand their concerns. One of the many reasons why Lime Crime has enjoyed such vast success is that it has been so effective at this form of social media marketing.

Social Media Accounts

Social media occupies a unique niche in the modern marking world. Companies have been able to take advantage of this form of selling to sell to their customers via a new form of wholesale distribution. At this company, they've been able to take advantage of this media from the very first. It began as an idea of one person and then quickly gained a large following.

Today, the company has over three million followers on social media sites such as Instagram. Such social media enables it offer instant access to the company's ideas directly. This kind of audience building means that company officials need do little advertising in order to attract a potential audience for any of their products. People see them on social media and find it easy and fun to give feedback, share and buy their products directly.

Easy Access to Entry

While it once might have taken years or even decades to build a brand, today it's increasingly possible to enter certain industries fast. Such is the case with the international beauty markets. The new forms of marketing have caught the eye of companies that are looking to help finance a dream. At Tengram Capital Partners, they want to look here for opportunities for investment that will show what is possible when careful consideration is given to outstanding social media experts.

It's one of many reasons why Lime Crime quickly entered their list of companies most likely to offer opportunities for growth in this industry. Their sales have taken advantage of the fact that companies in the beauty field may not need to use the traditional method of sales in a standard standalone store. Instead, they can harness the power of the net and sell that way.

Digitally Based

Those who follow the beauty industry directly were not surprised to learn that Tengram Capital has chosen to make an investment in this company. Digital trends have helped transform the very nature of the world of beauty marketing. People today are more away of the possibilities of buying online. They may love to shop, but when it comes to buying, they're very happy to spend money buying products online.

From the very first, this was where the wave of the future of beauty began. It's where companies were able to push away the shackles of conventional beauty marketing and explore all sorts of new boundaries. In that time, companies have taken great advantage of the possibilities of digitally based marketing efforts. This is where the future is likely to continue to lie. Consumers will continue to look digitally for beauty they can bring right home.

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