Where to Buy Kolhapuri Chappal

And to think that once upon a time slippers weren't even worn! They were meant to be looked at and not used and were part of the wedding dowry of very rich girls. The term "slipper" denoted elegant shoes with a thin sole, made of very fine fabric or leather, which barely covered the foot and could be put on and taken off very easily.

They were a symbol of "intimacy", an intimacy, however, that seemed to be reserved only for people of a certain stature. But who nowadays, after a hard day's work, doesn't want to go home and put on a comfortable pair of slippers? Ban on all the dictates of fashion, home means comfort and comfort finds its synonym in the slipper.

Have you always wanted simple shoes that are easy to clean and comfortable? Then the slippers are made for you. Slippers are comfortable that offers optimal freedom of movement. With slip-ons for women and men, your feet will get exactly what they crave.

where to buy kolhapuri chappal

Slippers are shoes that you can simply slip on. They have no laces, or zips. The ease of slipping on makes them ideal for hot summer days.

In Kolhapur, there is a company that has made producing Kolhapuri chappals its Leitmotif and offers footwear, not just slippers, comfortable with an all-Indian style. This company is called Korakari and includes a brand striving to create footwear as a symbol of comfort and quality:

Korakari, has been offering its customers comfortable footwear in which to feel at ease, designed and manufactured by a team of experts specialized in the use of cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing methods, in the choice of the best materials on the market and in continuous training.

The colour varieties are as many as the choice of models that will never leave you disappointed. I write, after buying a pair of grey handstitched leather Kolhapuri men slipper from itokri website and wearing these shoes with pleasure. They are beautiful, comfortable, and elegant in their own way! At the end of the day, they remain in excellent condition, despite having been heavily used and being shoes with a light structure. Truly a confirmation of a brand that is now among my favourites!

The slippers have soft footbeds for a comfortable fit, anti-slip aersoles with handmade stitching. The slippers are made with leather so as to guarantee maximum comfort with an eye to style while, on the other hand, they have a traditional and cheeky look suitable for all combinations.

The sole is actually sewn manually onto the insole, providing the shoe with a superior quality finish and resistance compared to the industrial system in which it is simply glued.

I'm very satisfied with my purchase. The slippers are absolutely up to the expectations generated at the time of choice on the site. The packaging and the accessories with which they were delivered to me were another small "gift" of pleasure and the sensation of having made the right choice!

With very fast shipping, wonderful "unboxing" experience (as the good ones say) every detail, including the packaging, is taken care of down to the smallest detail but, above all, is is a wonderful product. The hand-stitched men's slippers are comfortable and elegant that are ideal both for domestic relaxation and for leisure time.

Slippers are mostly worn when you want to give your feet a break. Since they are flip-flop shoes, there is nothing about flip-flop shoes that will pull, pinch or constrict. This should also be a godsend for women who are plagued by high heels. Slip-on shoes are ideally worn in dry weather and mild temperatures.

Because they tuck in, they don't fully enclose the foot. For a walk, a business lunch or at home, a slipper is the perfect alternative to a closed shoe. Modern slippers belong in every shoe closet and are super comfortable for relaxed days!

New shoes are always a reason to rejoice. Especially if they convince with a high wearing comfort. And let's face it: is there anything better than sitting by the balcony in the pouring rain wearing your favourite slouchy slippers?

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