How to Keep Spices Fresh Longer

Spices are the basic ingredients to enrich our dishes. Spices enrich and enhance the flavours of our dishes but, once ground, they quickly lose their flavour and aroma. The secret to preserving their freshness and having a more decisive flavour is, therefore, to just take the spices and grind the desired quantity and preserve them in a container.

How many times have we bought a spice for a particular recipe and then abandoned it, looking for it every now and then and wondering: where is it hidden? For many cooks, searching for spices can be intimidating. It often happens that, after having bought a packet to complete a recipe, it ends up being forgotten after being relegated to a corner of the cupboard, where it remains intact for years and years.

Today's life, despite its frenzy, is in many ways more comfortable than that of the past. Thanks to the spice box, we can find them when we need them and ensures that they retain their freshness and aroma.

If we open the spice box, we can find everything we need and we no longer even imagine the trouble that people once ran to find for spices around the kitchen. Spice box can optimize any kitchen space! The spice box is an indispensable utensil in the kitchen. The structure of the box is very simple and the build intuitive. They are available in steel, ceramic, glass or wood.

In the market we have so many brands that make and sell spices boxes which can also be purchased online. Wooden ones generally have a lower price, while marble ones are more expensive. The advice is to choose a brand that is reliable. The spice boxes have a simple structure. They come in different shapes, colours and sizes.

how to store spices long term

If you are passionate about cooking, and savoury recipes are your forte, you cannot fail to own a spice box. Before buying it, however, let's see together what the criteria are for making an optimal choice that meets our needs.

Design and structure

The choice of design is very personal. Being a utensil, it will always be in the kitchen rack and often at the kitchen table. For this reason, we recommend choosing one that is in line with your kitchen decor. So, if you have a modern style, opt for one in marble. Conversely, if the decor is rustic, a high-quality wood, perhaps sheesham, or teak spice box will be preferable.

As for the structure, this is almost identical in all models. There is a supporting base, and six or more dividers, where to put the various spices. Choose a structure that is easy to fill with glass cover to always have a view of the amount of spices inside. Make sure it's easy to clean.

Finally, choose a spice box that is easy to handle with an ergonomic and non-slip shape. This way you can use the utensil safely without risking it falling out of your hand or breaking.

Size and capacity

Before choosing the size of your spice box, consider how many varieties of spices you use. If the variety is less, you should choose a model with less compartments. Conversely, for a large variety of spice use it will be preferable to buy a one with more compartments.


One of the main characteristics that our spice box must have is sturdiness. The strongest materials are steel and wood. This is very important because the box is subjected to continuous use which are impressed on the structure. A cheaper model would last very little. However, ceramic and plastic are also used.

The material of the spice box must also be resistant and of good quality. Again, the best ones are those in ceramic or steel which are the most durable and do not create problems for cleaning. Conversely, nylon wears out easily and may oxidize.


The price of the spice box is really very varied. Online it is possible to find spice boxes at a low price, just as it is possible to find them at very high prices. Plastic ones generally cost less than wood ones.

How to clean a spice box

As with most products on the market, the manufacturer generally provides specific instructions for spice boxes. Generally, however, the exterior can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For the inside, get a suitable brush to remove the residues of the spices. Unless it is expressly written in the instruction booklet, never use water and detergents and do not put it in the dishwasher.

Cleaning the spice box regularly is very important so that the spices do not lose their aroma. To get rid of the flavours and smells of spices before using again, simply grind up some salt - it's an excellent remedy for absorbing unwanted odours. When you feel you won't use it for some time, just empty it.

Where to buy a spice box

The spice box is a very practical and useful tool that you can also buy online. In fact, ecommerce platforms such as exclusivelane offer a wide range of products to choose from. Even physical stores offer models of all kinds that adapt to everyone's needs.

how to store spices long term


The Hand Engraved Rectangular Spice Box With Spoon In Sheesham Wood (12 Partitions, 90 ML), I purchased from exclusivelane is simple, elegant, very nice to look at, it can be adapted to many styles of kitchens and is customizable. Also cute for a gift, the box it comes in is perfect for wrapping. Very well made, beautiful style, comfortable and practical.

I bought this product for both beauty and efficiency and I must say that I am really satisfied. I must say that I like it very much. It's neither too small nor too big in my opinion. It transports me to a very sweet old childhood that is almost gone, dotted with handcrafted delights as they used to be.

Inside we have a shaped organizer with nine rectangular compartments to accommodate as many spices and a wooden spoon. It should be noted that, when we close the box with the glass lid, all the spices will remain safe in their respective compartments, without any risk of them spreading or mixing.

In conclusion

A super recommended box to take home, I'm sure, will entertain every cook at the kitchen!

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