Faboils Day to Date Duo Perfume Oils Review

Are you looking for sensual and intense perfumes capable of awakening in you the feeling of being unique and special? Treat yourself to a perfume oil by choosing the one that best enhances your personality.

The Faboils Day to Date Duo combo comes with Sunkissed Joy & Thrilling Tango Roll which are luxurious perfume oils. The Sunkissed Joy is a citrusy, fresh, amber roll-on fragrance inspired by the warmth of the sun, while the Thrilling Tango is a citrusy, spicy, woody roll-on fragrance that mirrors the passion of the tango that makes it truly one of a kind.

Whether you're wearing it for a date night or simply enjoying a quiet moment at home, these perfume oils is sure to fill your senses with pleasure. The unusual combinations and wonderful scents will allow you to shine at work, at a party or on a romantic date.


Some of the advantages of Faboils perfume oils are:

✓ More delicate: they do not contain alcohol, which is why they do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate sensitive skin.

✓ Longer-lasting perfumes: Oil-based perfumes evaporate more slowly than alcohol.

✓ More intense perfumes: oil is an excellent support for perfumes, which is why fragrances have an intense and sensual scent.

✓ They are not irritating or invasive: enjoy the scent without sneezing. Alcohol-free perfumes do not irritate even the most sensitive nose.

✓ A few drops are enough: oil perfumes contain perfumed essences, more than common perfumes.

✓ A therapy in your pocket: the scented combinations relax wonderfully. Smell them even just like this for a feeling of well-being.

Bold oriental perfume oils

Thanks to their unusual perfume compositions, these perfume oils are truly exceptional and stand out for their spiciness, warmth, woody notes and intense floral scent.


How to apply perfume oil

Perfume oil is usually applied to the skin with a roll-on, as is the case with common roll-on deodorant. This way, the perfume absorbs quickly without leaving stains on your clothes. The oil should preferably be applied to the so-called pulsating points, i.e. the neck, wrists, under the knee or behind the ear. These areas are characterized by a higher heat rate, and it is precisely the heat that activates the perfume.

The perfume oils exudes sensuality without being too direct and sensual and formulates seductive fragrances with human-compatible pheromones. The lightly scented oil absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft to the touch, blending seamlessly with your body chemistry. Make it your signature scent. Perfectly suited not only for everyday wear but also for an intriguing date night.

A true style statement, the finishing touch that completes every outfit, the Faboils perfume oils will become an integral part of the identity for many people. Since they are concentrated, intense and long-lasting fragrances, they remain on the body all day, thus becoming the invisible accessory that leaves an imprint.

These perfume oils are capable of reflecting the wearer's state of mind, recalling memories and capturing attention, and is the perfect opportunity to express yourself and your uniqueness.

The olfactory notes

Depending on the number of ingredients and the quantities used, different olfactory notes are created and contains:

· Top notes: those perceived immediately after the application of the perfume

· Heart notes: those perceived in the hours following the application

· Base notes: those containing the elements that they persist on the skin and contribute to the overall durability of the fragrance.

Each perfume is a harmonious combination of these different notes, and based on evolution over time and your skin type it creates a complete and unique olfactory experience.

At Faboils, therefore, the art of perfumes merges with an incredible variety of options, to offer you the possibility of setting off on an olfactory journey without comparison, all at affordable prices!

It is difficult not to love the aromas of a juicy freshly cut orange or not to get lost in the contemplation of the lemons that still hang firmly from the branches, similar to small, very yellow suns that illuminate the surrounding environment in their own way. From a citrus perfume we expect precisely this: a citrus juice skillfully prepared to express on the skin everything that these fabulous fruits usually express in the air or on the palate.

The perfumes, as soon as it is sprayed, amazes you with its spicy notes accompanied by a fresh touch before arriving at warmer and more persistent notes. I recommend it to you who love perfumes with personality and made with high quality ingredients.

It is recommended for a romantic date, where you want to make a positive impression and be remembered. Furthermore, it is really persistent and will accompany you throughout the day. Faboils Day to Date Duo is the perfume for men of many different ages who love to leave their mark. For this reason, it would be an excellent gift idea for a young man (or who feels young) such as a brother, a son, an already grown-up nephew or a son-in-law.

Whether it's for yourself or for a friend, add the perfume you prefer to your wish list, keep an eye on the offers available and purchase the fragrances you like most at discounted prices.

Discover the power of these fragrances and give yourself an intense and memorable experience! In short, if you are looking for a fragrance that leaves an indelible mark, Faboils perfume oils are definitely for you!

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