The 5 Step Genucel Method for Treating Eye Bags

What Happens to Our Skin and Eyes as we Age? Our skin is one of our biggest selling points. It can give away our age and our vitality. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity. This is because the collagen in our skin thins out over time. Thinner skin has a more transparent appearance. The veins are more noticeable with transparent skin.

The bags under our eyes appear darker. It is not because we are more tired but because the skin underneath the eyes is very thin in comparison to other parts of the body. Therefore we can see the veins and blood underneath the eye as dark circles around the eyes. Thinner skin makes this more noticeable.

The facial muscles also weaken. This causes the skin to sag and gives rise to wrinkles. Another effect of aging is that our body loses the ability to retain water as efficiently which makes the skin look older. The fat deposits in our face move around with time, providing less support. This is quite noticeable in the eyes. The eyes appear puffier or swollen.

There are surgical treatments available that can correct swollen eyes, however, these methods tend to be more invasive. They can involve long recovery times that result in time off from work or other activities.

how to get rid of eye bags instantly

How to Reduce Eye Puffiness

The company provides a plant-based eye treatment using a tetrapeptide known as Eyeseryl. Peptides and amino acids are the building blocks for strong and healthy skins. Many plant-based products serve as effective skin ointments because of the natural oils found in plants.

Plants are also rich in antioxidants and minerals that help to nourish the skin and fight against aging. The tetrapeptide in mixed into several formulas to offer a variety of skin treatment options. The company recommends the following five simple steps to effectively and safely treat eye puffiness.

The Five-Step System

This first step is the plant stem cell therapy. Stem cells interact with the body like normal cells. They act as replacement cells for cells that were either damaged or lost over time. The stem cells repair damaged tissue and restore the skin back to its youthful appearance. It's recommended to wait a couple of weeks to notice the results.

The second step is Genucel eyelid treatment. Peptides are used to strengthen the weakened muscles that support the eyelids. This results in a firmer appearance of the eyelids.

The third step is known as the Genucel XV treatment. This step targets the wrinkles. An anti-aging formula is applied to reduce the wrinkles. The formula includes a hyaluronic acid which helps to trap moisture. Another ingredient is CoQ10 which serves to reduce UV damage and damage caused by free radicals.

The fourth step is the Genucel Immediate Effects. This further targets the wrinkles through advanced Relaxoderm technology. It is recommended to apply this method daily.

The final step is to supplement the treatment with Cristalles Microdermabrasion. A topical formula is applied to correct areas of discoloration. The formula uses magnesium oxide to decompose unhealthy skin and reveal smoother skin.

What's the Final Verdict?

The Company offers a powerful skin treatment which incorporates a blend of natural minerals, peptides, and enzymes. These ingredients work well with the skin to provide the most natural results. The formula works its way through the skin to provide maximum nourishment. Many of the ingredients used in the formula are based on natural enzymes in the body and therefore interact with the body in a similar manner. The five-step method offers a safe and effective alternative to surgical methods.
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