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French Toast - A Perfect Adventure For Breakfast

If there is one thing that in the land of liberty is better than anywhere else after donuts and family sizes are road trips. It awaits you from the world's most famous bottle of ketchup to French toast at a roadside restaurant. And without a doubt, the authentic American experience begins with a trip on its highways.

There is no better way to start a weekend. The brunch opens up every possibility of being full, because we all love to eat delicious, after having gotten up late. In every town there are characteristic 'breakfast-lunch' dishes. Even some families have created their own to satisfy their tastes.

New York does not escape from this famous routine on Saturday and Sunday. There are many restaurants or small cafés offering brunch on their menus. Today we are here to list a few places where we like to arrive, order and immerse ourselves in the mood of the weekend.

I believe that it is not by chance that the French are known for having the city of love and the richest sweets in the world. Love and desserts always go hand in hand and they are the example of that!

Is that if the world were a dessert, the French would definitely be the capital and there would live the king and queen. Nobody on the planet knows about pastry as much as the French, get to see: Macarons? French Croissants? French Crepes? French Madeleines? French Eclairs? I could continue in this all day but I imagine that you see where I'm going and I also imagine that you are beginning to realize my obsession with French pastry.

Of course, if the French make toast, they will be the best toast in the world! Or is someone tasting breakfast toast richer than French toast? In Canada, the toast is traditionally accompanied with maple syrup. In some regions of France, this dish has other names such as muddy bread or rail bread in the north.

The English name is bread and butter pudding. In Spain, the torrija is a kind of toast, usually associated with the period of Lent. The variant of Argentina and Uruguay is called Torreja. In Switzerland, the dish is called golden crust. In Germany, it is called Armer Ritter, which means poor knight and refers to a meal that can be prepared with little money thanks to cheap ingredients. In Portugal, the toast is a traditional Christmas dish and is called rabanadas.

In Mexico, the term Pan Francés means French Bread. As it was taken over by cooks who have enriched it with flavors such as cinnamon, it has also become a neat dessert item offered in gourmet restaurants.

But do not step on the accelerator without taking with you the following essentials:

1. Songs

There is nothing more liberating than lowering the window while you feel the energy that gives you a good selection of songs. I would take it safely to JT (Summer Love), and Taylor Swift. And you?

2. Junk food

There is no road trip in the United States worth its salt without peanut butter, slim jim, and a slush. For more and better snacks, make a technical stop at a gas station.

3. Books

Let's be honest, in the end the boredom will come and with it, the question of rigor (ie "Have we arrived yet?"). Before this time arrives, open a good book. Whoever goes behind the wheel, will thank you.

4. Maps

The professionals in the field of road travel know very well that technology tends to fail-above all, it does when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. But do not panic, a road Atlas of all life will save you from the doldrums.

5. A blanket

First of all, because you do not want to miss out on a picnic when you see an appropriate place. And secondly, because it is inevitable that different opinions arise about the proper temperature inside the car. So be cautious and add a blanket to the list of essentials.

Turn up the volume and pass the cheetos! You are ready to embark on an emblematic trip through the United States!

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