Trip to Paris to Discover the City of Love on Valentine's Day

A trip to Paris needs a few things like a weekend, a big dose of adventure, a pinch of thrill and of course romance as a cherry on top. Bon Appetit. Many would say Valentine's Day is passé and that's a good thing. I also think so. Despite all this, I would like to share my little experience on this blog with you of my Valentine's Day trip with my friend to the city of love.

Anyone who thinks that a weekend is too short to discover Paris may be right. The city is far too big, too varied and exciting to capture in its entirety. But what I can say after my weekend trip to Paris is that it is enough to get a sneak peek of her.

And I'll give you a tip at the beginning. Relax, this is your holiday. Do not hurry from one tourist place to the next. Just let yourself go. Do you like a very special place? Then stay there and do not give yourself the stress of rushing through the whole city. So it happened with us. When we liked a spot very much, we radically deleted another place from the list. You just have to savor the little sweet moments.

Day 1 - The beginning of a fabulous trip to Paris

After our arrival here in the evening as we move to the hotel, our wishes were fulfilled. In the heart of Paris, we find this great place that leaves nothing to be desired. The accommodation is not only cute, clean and comfortable. It is also colorful - just like the typical Paris.

The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Of course, we immediately turned to the staff to get top sightseeing tips straight from the horse's mouth. So far so good. The beauty of the hotel is that it is quite centrally located and therefore many attractions can be reached quickly and easily.

After carrying the suitcases into the room, freshening up quickly, putting on the dress and off we go! We start with a walk. We were on a romantic mission already. Long Story short. Of course, it belongs on every romantic list of things you must have seen in Paris.

The sea of lights up to the Arc de Triomphe gives a very special atmosphere and the beautiful photo opportunities. That's exactly why we went there, and not because that a million travel guides are promoting this attraction.

Our next destination is the Le Lido, a theater in the heart of Paris, offering food and entertainment. No matter how tired and exhausted we are from the journey, in Lido we forget everything! In addition to sophisticated entertainment with dancers, chic backdrops, and best music, there is a gastronomic offer that is difficult to top. It is well known that Lido has wonderful Champagne and a dessert that takes our heart away. It's so true!

Just as fabulous, we end an exciting night and we can say Paris welcomed us with open arms.

Trip to Paris to Discover the City of Love on Valentine's Day

Day 2 - The long way to the top of the Eiffel Tower

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, the day starts very early. We do not have much time. From the hotel in 30 minutes, we reach the Eiffel Tower after walking through the Avenue George V. There are many luxury shops, that give us the opportunity for some window shopping. The architecture of the buildings lining the street also astonish you.

After this walk now begins the test of patience! Enough patience! And a lot of patience! Although we arrived in the morning at the Eiffel Tower, we had to queue for 2 hours. In retrospect, we had to be clear. It was Valentine's weekend and on big holidays, the queue seems endless in front of all attractions.

Did you know that you have to climb 1665 steps to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower? Optionally there is, of course, the elevator. We took the elevator. At the top, the view is terrific. The Champ de Mars, with approximately 25 hectares of greenery at the foot of the Eiffel Tower is incredibly impressive from above.

After such a long walk, the hunger crept in slowly but we had to fulfill a mission before! We had a wish that we tried to fulfill. For this, we needed to visit the Fontaine Saint-Michel. We arrived at the place of desire to the Place Saint-Michel. Like other fountains, this one is said to have magical powers and make wishes come true if you only feed it with a coin.

This may sound a bit exotic as we go dining in a wetland. Our culinary journey was not quite as dramatic and experimental. However, in the past, Le Marais was actually a wetland, which was gradually drained. Today it is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Paris.

We went to the restaurant with a name that melts in our mouth and lets us hope for delicacies. So it is. The establishment is quite small but pleasant. There are only small portions to eat, as the name suggests. We go for bouchees such as bites or appetizers. We order various small delicacies and try them one after the other.

After the gluttony, we go for a walk through the Rue de Rivoli to the Louvre Museum. The small streets and colorful restaurants somehow supported my image of Paris and made me think I was in a movie. I totally forgot to take photos from all corners, a blessing in disguise, to be totally lost in thought and to leave the smartphone in my pocket.

Lost in the Louvre

Maybe it was our slow stroll or the fact that we were a bit tired from the day, but we did not even get to see everything inside the Louvre Museum. Louvre is far too big to visit in a few hours. We did not even see a third in three hours but I'm proud to say that we got to look at Mona Lisa. She was somehow magical.

In any case, on our bucket list for a trip to Paris, we'll come back to visit the Louvre in its entirety! Our tour continued, but now we combine two of the most beautiful things of sightseeing and dining! But before we had to fulfill another mission given by the nice receptionist in the hotel. Already on arrival, we asked for hotspots for the tastiest sweets in Paris.

We were given the hot tip to walk in the Tuileries Garden and to buy the finest macarons in the Laduree restaurant. Here we find more authentic and typical French treats that are a perfect combo with a coffee or tea. And so it was. We love the Macarons from the Laduree!

The culmination of a long day is a romantic cruise on the Seine. It started at the Pont Alexandre III. In addition to a wonderful dinner and live singers, we literally visit the most imposing sights of Paris as we pass by. The best part is that it is all in the glow of night lighting. The ride lasts for 2 hours and lets us finish the day perfectly.

Day 3 - Panoramic View of Paris

We have to get up early today because the bucket list is still packed with cool sightseeing spots. We were told before the trip that the breakfast in Paris would be something very special and it is a culinary must. So we visit the one close to our hotel.

In addition to hot drinks, the staff prepares fresh fruit juices. There are also daily smoothies that take off our heart away. I especially liked the pastry called Viennoiserie! Of course, the baguette cannot be missed on any breakfast table in Paris. In addition, there was homemade jam and honey.

After garnering the energy, we go to Montmartre and the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacre Coeur. Also, being the romantic (yes, that was still Valentine's Day) we visit Le Mur des Je T'aime, the wall of love. This wall is a real work of art built in 2000, not far from Montmartre.

Here are the most beautiful words, I Love You, written in over 250 languages. Clearly, it is a starting point for all love-hungry and hopeless romantics among us. Speaking of love-hungry I was getting hungry again. Around noon we took the subway to Gare Montparnasse, where, according to Parisians, you get one of the city's best crepes. Well, that sounds great!

In a creperie, we taste delicious crepes and ciders. A Brittany specialty called Galette is also on offer here. These are black salty crepes. It is definitely at least one great theme for your food Instagram account.

A short walk in the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, just a 10-minute walk from the Creperie, completes a romantic getaway in Paris. Unfortunately, you cannot squeeze all the places to visit in Paris into a weekend. We could not visit the catacombs of Paris, which we did not manage in time.

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  • Faseela
    Faseela November 17, 2011 at 1:05 AM

    gud job......

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    kalaiselvisblog November 17, 2011 at 5:52 AM

    wow.. amazing post buddy... superb snaps... very nice & interesting words...

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    Sans! November 17, 2011 at 7:56 AM

    Thank you for writing so beautifully about my country.

  • Max Coutinho
    Max Coutinho November 17, 2011 at 11:24 AM


    No doubt that Singapore is a place to visit. I love its anti-segregation policies, I love the way it is organised and I find it amazing how they look like me LOL LOL :).

    If you went there I hope you had loads of fun.


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