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Shahi Paneer: A Royal Dish from Northern India

India is not only the country of a thousand colors. India is also the country of a thousand flavors but within it the traditional food of the North stands out. One of the most traditional and best prepared dishes in Northern India is undoubtedly the Shahi Paneer. This delicious dish is part of the ancient cuisine of India that has been passed down from generation to generation. It continues to delight the palates of its own and visitors.

We could also affirm without fear of being wrong that it is the country of a thousand flavors. Here each dish has a meticulous preparation, using traditional ingredients used since ancient times in families. Such is the case of the famous curries that for some years it have been gaining ground and acceptance among many diners who love the delicious food of India.

India is a paradise for vegetarians. Personally, I find that the best vegetarian recipes are found in the repertoire of Indian cuisine. No other cuisine in the world fails to offer such a wide range of possibilities for vegetarians. Knowing that India has a large majority of Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists, the country really offers you the best vegetarian recipes.

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In Europe, when you ask for a vegetarian dish in a restaurant or a snack, the result is not impressive. It is annoying to see a plate of salad or raw vegetables mixed in a small vinaigrette or mayo type sauce, tartar or cocktail. In India, on the other hand, it is a palate that is offered to us from aloo parantha, pav bhaji, dal makhani, aloo gobi, Palak Paneer, Gobi Manchurian, Kashmiri dum aloo, bhindi masala, and from south India are the unmistakable idli sambar and Rava Dosa. The list is long, very long!

So I decided to offer vegetarian recipes from time to time. In the end, even carnivores will discover delicious dishes that are even better for their health.

In principle we will say that the Paneer is a type of cheese made in India. It is a curd cheese, with an acidic flavor since it has been made by heating the milk using lemon or another type of acid. This cheese does not requires rennet and it is a vegetarian diet because it is a food in its entirety lactovegetarian.

The word Shahi means royal. Therefore the preparation of this exquisite dish is linked to the most lofty cuisines of North India. But with the passage of time its preparation was extended to all homes.

The Shahi Paneer is then a kind of curry or for other specialists in traditional Indian cuisine is a thick sauce that carries the ingredients and way of preparation of this rich and traditional dish.

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What's Baking?? said...

Your paneer curry looks absolutely divine. And I love the pot that you used to make the curry. I had a chance to use that pot when I went over to a good Punjabi friend of mine and I love cooking using it. Wish I know where to get that pot over here.

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