Caribbean Concierge – Guide to the Islands

A holiday to the Caribbean will be an unforgettable experience. Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, a rainbow of marine life and spectacular mountain walks are just a few of the highlights of this region.

The Caribbean encompasses over 7000 islands, fewer than 10% of which are inhabited. Selecting your ideal destination can be tricky, so have a read over our pick of the islands to help you choose your perfect tropical getaway.

Caribbean Beach


One of the most well-known of the Caribbean islands, this is also one of the most developed. This is a great island for experiencing the ultimate in relaxation and luxury, with numerous hotels and private beaches dotting the area known as Millionaire’s Playground. The island’s Seven Wonders are not be missed though, and include Jacobean mansions, a 17th-century synagogue and the impressive stalactites at Harrison’s Cave.


Watersports enthusiasts should head to Aruba, one of the Lesser Antilles islands of the Caribbean. Palm Beach is world famous, though head north to take advantage of the island’s constant trade winds, which are perfect for windsurfing. Visit in July to catch the Aruba Hi-Winds Tournament, the area’s biggest watersports event which draws thousands of spectators. Watch freestyle windsurfing and kiteboarding, whilst enjoying live bands and DJs.


A French Overseas Department, Guadeloupe is comprised of two islands: the northern is its main commercial center whereas the south is home to a botanical garden, national garden, and La Soufrière volcano. Adventurous types can hike in the park as well as visiting this volcano, which is a breathtaking sight overlooking rainforest and waterfalls. The island has also inherited France’s gourmet scene and is a great place to sample to French pastries, seafood, and wine.

Trinidad and Tobago

One of the world’s greatest street parties can be found at the Carnival of these islands. Trinidad’s Port of Spain really comes alive right after Christmas with parties, fetes, and parades. Throughout the year the bars throng with holidaymakers looking for a good time, making it the perfect destination to let off some steam. In contrast, sleepy Tobago has a more laid back nightlife scene and is believed to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's’ Treasure Island.


Lacking the beaches of its more frequently-visited neighbors, Dominica more than makes up for this with its incredible landscape. There are no chain resorts here and little nightlife or commercial development, and instead, eco-lodges abound. This provides fertile territory for exploring pristine forests, rivers, and protected wildlife in Morne Trois Pitons National Park. No direct international flights have resulted in fewer tourists, meaning the Rasta culture of its small capital Roseau is still strong and locals are friendly and welcoming.


Its rich culture and history draw many to this iconic spot, located in the center of the Caribbean region. It is inhabited by a melting pot of African, Chinese, Indian, Britain and German population, with each bringing its own flavor to the island. It has six main coastal tourist regions whilst in its interior lies the Blue Mountain Peak at over 7000 feet. Be sure to sample traditional Jamaican cuisines on your stays like jerk season, fried plantains and goat curry, whilst soaking up a reggae soundtrack.

The Caribbean offers a huge choice for visitors, from beaches and fiestas to grueling treks and serene sights. There is something special in this unique region for all holidaymakers.
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