Honeymoon in the Bahamas in a Natural Paradise

We returned from our big honeymoon in Bahamas and I want to share with you all our itinerary, in case someone is thinking of making an equal or similar one. Bahamas seemed impressive, and we were thinking that we needed to disconnect, leave the noise and seek tranquility in beaches. We wanted to forget about everything, the problems, the work and just relax.

The preparations of the trip turned out to be somewhat complicated. The agencies had no idea of ​​Bahamas nor offered anything. We started to look at the flights and prices and we realized that we would have to go to Miami to make a stopover before reaching Nassau. I always leave everything to last hour. I stuffed things in the suitcase almost until 4 o'clock in the morning. I took the cameras and the laptop of my partner and all the printed papers of the hotels, flights and others.

Day 1

I remember when the alarm rang at 6. I had slept like two hours and I still have things to put in the suitcase. My partner as always has everything well organized with the suitcase and everything done a long time ago. We reach the airport in a hurry because we were short of time and the flight left in less than an hour.

We arrived at the airport and went to the counter. The girl tells us that our flight was not operational. We asked the girl if she could get us on the next flight at 10 o'clock. We invoiced and passed the control. When I thought that everything was going well, my partner reminded me that the money I changed for the trip had been forgotten at home.

The flight was good. After 9 o'clock we arrived in Miami. We left the plane and the heat and humidity was terrible. We were already sweating. There were huge queues. It was quite serious and strict. We went for the suitcases, waiting for a while. Mine came out, but the tape then stopped. There were many accumulated outside the tapes, but none was of my partner or of the other people who were waiting.

The panic and fear took over us and the anger more than ever. After a while it arrived. We left the airport almost at 10 o'clock in the morning. We took a taxi and headed to Miami beach along Ocean drive to the hotel. In the reception was a Cuban gentleman and a young girl. We showed the papers. They gave us a paper for free wifi in our room.

I lay down on the bed busted and very sleepy. My partner instead began to unpack something and took out her red lingerie. I was completely sleepy in bed that by the way was very comfortable and had many pillows. My partner came. It was still 1 or so in the afternoon. She raised her arms and took a step till we were both sweating.

Around 6 we went out for a walk. The beach is huge and very wide and it extends all the way. I even saw a painting like the flag of the United States. People even lie down in the water and sit there for hours lying on it since the temperature is very good. It was very hot and the sand is white although the shore has some sticks and there are algae.

The water is clean. I saw some jellyfish in the water. Here with my partner, we rent a watercraft. We do not have photos, because when we went out at night we did not take the cameras. When we had already spent a lot of time in the area we went to visit the Mall of the Americas. We bought swimsuits. With the change of currency everything was cheaper. I had the temptation to buy an iphone but in the end, I took it off the head.

My partner bought some of her stuff in Victoria's Secret. The store was huge, with two exits. We also bought a waterproof digital camera. The amount of sports stores that were there is another thing that caught my attention. There is an incredible change in temperature when we entered the stores, sometimes too cold due to the air conditioning. We saw people up in sweatshirts or jackets for this reason in some stores.

After going around the mall, we feel hungry and went to eat at a hamburger chain, typical of the United States. We ate some burgers, with potatoes and onion rings, and for dessert we have ice cream shakes that was very good. We saw a group celebrated someone's birthday, and they turned off the lights and everyone singing and puncturing balloons.

Then we go towards Bayside. It is like a port with many shops and restaurants. We see some houses of celebrities like Shakira, Phillip Frost, the one who invented Viagra, Sofia Loren, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, and some famous fashion designers that I do not remember.

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Day 2

We go on the way to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. We take a taxi from the hotel to the airport. In the terminal were many people and counters and flights. The girl told us that our flight had already left. We told her that nobody had warned us. Then she told us to go in the next that was an hour later.

We looked for the boarding gate until we took a small train that goes up. Once there we found the door, and way to the plane. After 1 hour of flight, we arrived at the Nassau airport which is still under construction. We got off the plane and we already felt the heat and humidity that there was. It was very high.

We pass the immigration. We take the suitcases and left the airport. We sit in a kind of old van. We told that we were going to Paradise island to the hotel. The road was long. We pass a bridge to get to paradise island. We arrived at the hotel. We entered the hall that was very large and in reception they gave us a room, and explained the schedules.

By the way, the schedules were very good. There were 3 elevators. As ours was the 15th floor we had to take the one on the left that goes on the odd ones. The elevators were very well and modern and spacious. The room was near the corridor with carpet on the floor. I was surprised as the colors were quite modern from the hallways.

The room was very nice. It had the typical air conditioning and it was luxurious inside. The room had a door that opened onto a large terrace where we took some photos of the views. We saw the Atlantis and the bridge that connects Nassau with Paradise island. There was also the bar in the middle. To the right of the bar is the disco of the hotel. As in other places, the night show was at 10 o'clock.

Next door was the spa, hairdresser and at the bottom was a souvenir shop and a room with recreational machines, billiards. There was a stand to eat burgers, nachos with cheese, hot dogs. We see the pool bar. We did not step on it, as it used to be full and the people who are very careless got their drinks and everything in the pool.

The restaurant where we ate at noon, was not very large and was next to the pool. There are seagulls everywhere and they are lurking. I already saw people who went for drinks or pizza and when they returned there was a table full of seagulls or some of them eating leftovers, not to mention the noise they make. The waiters try to scare them away.

We leave the hotel and going to the right was the entrance of the pink building that I told you is Atlantis. The beach is beautiful. The sand is very white and the water is beautiful, transparent, clean and perfect with a very good temperature, neither very hot nor cold. We spent a lot of time in it because of the amount of humidity, sweating like nothing and sunbathing became unbearable and suffocating or overwhelming I would say.

For me the worst thing was the number of sellers and workers of water sports companies such as jet skiing, parasailing. In the water there were many fishes. An American told me and my partner to look inside the water that there was something next to us, and it was an eagle ray.

We go down to the beach to lie down in the hammock with a lot of sun and suddenly we see a wind and a storm with very heavy rains from a hurricane. We run to go inside the hotel.

Day 3

We got a good taxi and went to the counter of a company there that makes short flights to the Eleuthera islands. The weather was cloudy. We waited in a waiting room. From there the boarding was already opened and we crossed a walk with a stewardess of the company who took us to the plane. We had to get off at the mini airport in Governors Harbor.

We arrived at Governors Harbor and left the plane and since it was not another airport like the one in the north, the check-in room was small and there was no one worker. We took the suitcases and already they offered us a taxi since we had not rented a car. We left in a short time to the hotel or whatever it was because it was a restaurant with three houses in the middle of nowhere.

A lady in reception explained the meal times and some things and one of the waiters help us carry our bags to our room. By the way we saw the beach that was beautiful. There are 3 little houses, one pink, another green and another yellow. In each of them there are 4 rooms. The little houses are very cool and modern.

We entered the room and the truth is that we were surprised. We put on the air conditioner. There was no TV. Outside the room there were chairs and a kind of terrace. In the afternoon we were we were alone on the beach. The beach was beautiful with white sand. It had many shells and especially conches.

It was a totally virgin beach and in the distance was a small boat tied in the water. It was like a movie, all very virgin with that turquoise blue water that in the distance was becoming increasingly dark blue. The water was super hot especially on the shore. We did snorkeling but we did not see anything.

At night we have noodles, chicken with sauce. The cocktail was nice. They had a party with a band playing in the restaurant on the terrace and all the people were dancing. We could even see the cook with more people dancing like crazy.

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