Melissa Climate Smart AC Control Review

There is no shortage of home automation solutions. Melissa Climate has products dedicated to home automation. One of those transforms the air conditioning system into an intelligent device. It allows easy control of the AC through a mobile app and a small WiFi supported device.

A fundamental aspect for those who choose air conditioners is consumption of electricity. Those days seem far away when the air conditioners often blew up the electricity bills. There are devices these days in the segment that has sophisticated functions. The features allow the devices to communicate with the user through smartphones. Alongside an intriguing aesthetic, it demonstrates that technology knows no borders.

The Internet of things is the great revolution of the future. A device in the house and an app can manage the air conditioner in an intelligent way. It can also help save energy. Everyday objects, from refrigerators to dishwashers get connected to the network. They can even inform the owner if there is something wrong. For example, if there is no milk! and things like that.

The installation is immediate and requires no cables. The heart of the system is a small unit equipped with specific sensors. It monitors the climate of the environment and communicates via infrared with the AC. It promises a simple and efficient management of home temperature, even on the move.

It only needs an Internet connection and wifi router. The device is a Wi-Fi thermostat for air conditioners. The tool also optimizes the air conditioner to reduce electricity consumption. It ensures energy savings up to 25 percent thanks to the smart temperature control. With the geolocation system, it also helps in saving energy when you leave.

What more? The device helps you to manage your air conditioner from a distance. Whether you work out of town or on the go you can control the unit from anywhere. So you can limit the AC when you are away and pre-cool the rooms right before returning. Thus saving both hot sweats caused by the heat and the cold due to the bill. The device also sets the speed of the airflow according to your needs.

The device is only 10 centimeters wide and two centimeters thick. So it takes very little space and fits anywhere in your home. The wireless thermostat works with all the latest generation of remote-controlled models. What you need is to turn the device into an outlet, and put the device near your air conditioning. Download the mobile app and you are ready to go after synchronizing the device.

The device is intelligent and learns what temperature you love. Thanks to a clever algorithm, your application delivers detailed monthly statistics. It informs you how many hours you use your air conditioner during the past month. How much time you spent outside the home, and what percentage the device was able to save since using it.

You can download the mobile application used by the device for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
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