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Infant massage, from its earliest origins, involves the use of oils. One of the most common questions that mothers arise is what oil to use on the delicate skin of their baby? The doubt is more legitimate because the market is full of advertisements with new products everyday that seem to be designed for our children ad hoc. And the cases to say that often seductive messages conveyed also emblazoned brands are the result of elaborate marketing strategies and do not always reflect the actual characteristics of the product.

The type of oil you should use depends on several factors. Some are cultural; others tied to family traditions, the type of skin, allergies, the fashions, the cost and the health of the child. In India most mothers change oil according to the seasons. In winter they generally use mustard oil and to keep the heat during the summer they use coconut oil to cool. Used since ancient times, these oils are valuable and can have different origins, and they have healing properties.  

The use of oil in daily massage of newborns improves complexion and skin condition, tones tissues and strengthens the muscles. The oils are not only dispensers of active constituents, but also lubricants optimal for your hands that, if well fed, glide nicely on the skin, caressing it and feeding it. And then more important than ever is to become smart consumers and be aware and learn to juggle the myriad of products that we find on the shelves of the supermarkets.

The secret is to learn to read the labels, that is on the back but often also on the front of the bottles or cans of oil. Once you learned how to do away with cosmetic ingredients you will not have to fear the wrong advice of some distracted or uninformed merchant, much less to be easy prey to blunders by totally synthetic products from the packaging very attractive and very truthful. Let's see how we can learn to choose a massage oil that is ideal for our baby.

Baby massage oil thanks to its softness and compatibility with the skin is extremely delicate and rich in vitamins is recommended for baby massage. The oil is light and absorption is extremely fast, very elastic, anti-oxidant and nourishing, hardly rancid and is great for very dry skin, chapped and devitalized.

Baby massage oil nourishes the skin and let it breathe, because the active ingredients are absorbed by the skin and enter the body through it and is the most delicate and light and is readily absorbed.  

Baby massage oil has a warming effect on the body and is rather light and fresh, sweet and soft which also has an antiseptic effect with a delicate and pleasant aroma and rich in minerals and vitamins. 

While massaging you must apply the oil on your hands, not on a palm, and then rub them to warm; you should not put the oil directly on the skin of the child and while massaging, reapply it again and again. The important thing is that there should not be too much to avoid making all greasy.

Massage makes babies healthier and happy if you choose the right oil. Massaging your baby is a wonderful experience, and makes happy and peaceful not only the baby but also who does the massage. The skin to skin contact, warmth and affection that is transmitted by the caresses of a loving only the basis for a good massage, but we should not overlook even the oil we use! 

Massage is an opportunity for moms and dads to strengthen the emotional bond with the child that promotes better sleep, and strengthens the immune system, which also improves the growth and development of babies. Babies love the massage and including it in the daily practices is one of the most beautiful forms to exchange love.
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