5 Great Gifts for Kids on Flipkart Sale

Flipkart Diwali sale is on. From dolls, toy trains, toy trucks, and cars to even a video game. Of course, these are the gifts that children are fond of having. The new trend with buying gifts for children are not found in departmental stores or toy stores. It is in online stores like Flipkart to get every wish fulfilled.

Are you short of ideas or looking for that special gift? Have a look at this list of possible gifts that I have created and which I would recommend. These are times when all kinds of events, large or small, influence our children. Designed for growing children, here are gift ideas to stimulate the imagination.

My nephew would be four this year and his demands seem to be very different. The kids have become difficult as their wish list keeps growing. every time he sees an advertisement or passes by a toy store. But with online shops like Flipkart things have definitely become a lot easier.

The first thing I wanted to suggest is an Annie Toys Kiddy telescope. It is complete with viewfinder, tripod stand, and eyepiece. At first, I was skeptical. But then after seeing his reaction, I thought it would nice to buy him something that would excite him! Your kids will fall in love with this toy. They can look at the stars, look for constellations, and dream of unknown worlds.

A nice gift might be an SRS Turtle Night Star Sky Constellation Projector Light Lamp. With music, it projects the different constellations on the ceiling of the bedroom. Kids can study the stars even before they venture into the field on a clear night.


For Skylanders lovers, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - Starter Pack is the ideal gift. For those who have not yet entered the world of these characters, the game is an amazing gift for kids. This is available on PS3 and helps develop logical skills. Although it is generally recommended for grownup kids, my four year old cousin can play it better than me!

Who does not love animated movies? Baal Hanuman in 3D animation is quite memorable and could be perfect to watch. It depicts the stories of the monkey God. Kids can watch it before they go to bed. My cousin has already received several mythological themed gifts for his last birthday. It includes the CD that contains the movie and the soundtrack. Adding to this, he got puzzles, books, and so I thought that this movie, could be perfect to watch anytime.

Books are another choice! The Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set, which has seven volumes, could be the perfect gift for kids. What you would appreciate is the interweaving of stories. Do you have a thirst for magic and is passionate about wands and spells? You can find a lot of items on Flipkart.

To fulfill my cousin’s wishlist, I spend an afternoon of shopping with him. I gave him a budget and look up Flipkart for the perfect gift. I enjoy these little moments.

Making a decision on a child’s gift can be difficult. The child’s tastes and that of the parents may be completely different. The only way you could do this is by igniting their imagination and engaging with the little ones. It may be expensive for parents and if you do not know the tastes of the kids, it may not excite them.

Look for something magical and mysterious when you shop for children’s gifts. It should be unique and not one that is usual. They should get amazed the first time they see it! Finding them may not seem simple and spontaneous. But it may instead be a real adventure and that is where Flipkart helps to get every wish fulfilled!
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