A Perfect and Super Easy Christmas Plum Cake Recipe

Although the shopping centers and supermarkets have been announcing it since the end of October, now we have Christmas around the corner. For a moment, have you stopped to think that today is December 1? What are we premiering for the last month of the year? What is missing with only twenty-four days for Christmas Eve?

Plum cake is a tasty cake with candied fruits. In England, this delicious cake is consumed during the Easter holidays, Christmas, but also on the occasion of weddings. The first time I went to London was with a backpack and a tremendous desire to travel the entire city and I did, yes, under a tremendous rain.

I will never forget that duck lacquered in a small restaurant in Chinatown well spent by water. It was super comforting and charming and the breakfast tea with Plum cake. I love the idea of ​​splitting the plum cake and finding the surprise inside, whether it's a Christmas tree or any other.

When I was a child I listened to my mother and my grandmother say that the years were flying away and I thought they were very wrong, that one year was eternal, that it brought many days of school and a long, long, long summer vacation. As well as many weekends and other interesting things such as Christmas holidays or holidays that involved long bridges at home.

Now that I'm a little over thirty and the calendar announces again with alarming urgency that my birthday is approaching again I realize that they are right, that time flies by and without realizing life we ​​are escapees from the hands even when we think that we have many days ahead.

The sad thing is that when we take stock, for example at the end of the year, we realize the pile of things we wanted to do, the good intentions that we set ourselves at the beginning and half of us have not fulfilled them due to lack of time and some for laziness or comfort, let's be honest!

I am going to stop existential reflections or I will end up feeling old and taking prozac by handfuls and it cannot be because today I was very happy with my recipe! Despite having already published some ideas for Christmas such as Peppermint Bark, the Christmas season of the blog is officially inaugurated today.

The funny thing is that I do not like Christmas very much. Over time I have understood that those wonderful days, familiar and full of pleasant surprises, good intentions and free time in abundance to cook, eat, buy, laugh, go out as well as the perfectly decorated houses in idyllic snowy streets that the TV series and American movies (which I swallow enchanted every Saturday and Sunday afternoon) sell us on this side of the world are not so idyllic, familiar and overflowing with free time.

Christmas is different depending on the area in which we live and it is not worth it to get frustrated because we cannot do what we see on television and see that it has cost me time to understand it! You can imagine the little time that can be devoted to celebrate Christmas (compared to what ads, series and movies want to sell us) and the fatigue that many people drag when it's time for Christmas dinner.

But that does not mean that it is not celebrated in another way and family dinners and family gatherings are not enjoyed. In tribute to all those who sacrifice their holidays and weekends I bring you this delicious plum cake with candied fruits that is a wonder to have at breakfast or a snack with family or to take a piece to work and remember that although some of us do not have vacations, it is still Christmas and we deserve some caprice.

Do not stop doing it because the candied fruit is not your strong one. I do not like it either and I would not stop eating this cake. You can say that it is one of my Christmas traditions (which are few, because I tell you that there are years that we have not decorated the house) although this year with the blog I have the Christmas spirit ON (at least for the moment). Well, I'll stop with the scrolls and I'll move on to the recipe. I'll start talking and I'm not done!

A Perfect and Super Easy Christmas Plum Cake Recipe


* 300 grams of flour for baking
* 150 grams of sugar
* 125 grams of butter
* 3 eggs
* 200 grams of dried fruit variety (I used a package of assorted fruits cut into squares of the Belbake brand that I bought in LIDL)
* 80 grams of raisins (two handfuls more or less)
* The zest of a medium lemon
* The juice of half a lemon
* One teaspoon of vanilla extract
* An envelope of chemical yeast
* A pinch of salt


1. We put the raisins together with the lemon juice to hydrate for a half hour.

2. In a bowl beat the eggs with the sugar until they are white and we obtain a frothy mixture.

3. Melt the butter in the microwave and add it together with the vanilla extract and the lemon zest and stir again until everything is integrated.

4. Sift the flour together with the pinch of salt and the yeast and mix until you have a homogeneous mass without lumps.

5. Drain the raisins, and after drying on a paper towels put them in a small bowl with frosted fruit and we put a teaspoon of flour. Mix well so that they are impregnated with flour and do not all go to the bottom when baking. We add them to the dough and mix so that they are evenly distributed.

6. Butter a mold for plum cake, pour the dough and put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees

7. We bake between 45 minutes and one hour or until the center with a toothpick comes out clean.

8. Take out of the oven, let temper, unmold and let cool on a rack

Simple, right? and the cut has a spectacular color. If you do not prepare it for Christmas and you can make a small stash of candied fruit, you can prepare it later. Any time is good to enjoy it! Although it is so appropriate for these parties, right? If you want you can sprinkle with icing sugar, but I like it so much when the plum cake breaks the surface when baking that I do not think I need anything else.

A Perfect and Super Easy Christmas Plum Cake RecipeA Perfect and Super Easy Christmas Plum Cake RecipeA Perfect and Super Easy Christmas Plum Cake Recipe
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