Minto Ultramintz

The Ultramintz candy took me to childhood. I remember that mom bought very often when I was small, from the local stores stored in large containers and sold loose. Ultramintz is a classic candy mint, which is so tiny and feel so tremendously cool and is pleasant and little strong, therefore suitable for those who already love the taste of mint, but do not like the mild taste that some guys do with excellent taste, that dissolves slowly in your mouth like candy, being delicious and being sugar-free is one more in addition.

These finest powerful candies are produced by the ITC mint-O, one of the top mint products, made by a company that has a decade of experience in the confectionery production. In fact, the flavour is very pleasant and very sweet. Forget the candy mints that makes you open your nose if you are cooled, in fact, this one is more like the aroma of mint suitable for maintaining good hygiene of the mouth and throat and to get a always fresh breath.

These cool mouth freshener candies are certainly less sweet, with a strong flavour of fresh mint, which while feeling, does not invade the mouth, and it's best to wait until it melts in your mouth. Surely the blend of herbs is very healthy and has no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours with its scrumptiously nippy feel and icy sense that lasts makes you feel great.

They are suitable for children, and are useful for little discomforts in the throat, because they can to alleviate it slightly. This type of candy I use it when I have a sore throat, because they help relieve nagging pain in a more determined manner compared to other ones. But in any case are not suitable for those people who do not like the candy mint too mild.

Among other things, it manages to maintain fresh breath for some time. The ingredients used are menthol, specialty cooling compounds, peppermint oil extract, sorbitol, magnesium stearate and sucralose. Therefore, taking into account the smallness of these ingredients, we can also detect the nutritional intake, with little calories due to the absence of sugar.

These candies are readily available, travel friendly, and ideal which I found in several stores. Each box contains roughly 60 balls thus you are fine to set off for about a month without worrying to stock up.

Anyway, you can buy them in special boxes which contain quite a few and each candy box is individually wrapped with distinct packaging which I always carry some in my pockets.

Ultramintz, in conclusion is a great product that does not hurt and are incredibly cool to show off with your buddies as well that also gives a breath that’s unrivalled, so go for it and stay fresh and calm, forever!
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