A Trip to Coyoacan and San Angel in Mexico City

After seeing many of the points of interest in Mexico City a couple of days ago, today we are going to focus on two areas of the city. We will spend the day visiting several of the places in Mexico City such as Coyoacan and San Angel accompanied by two very special latina guides.

With a full day ahead, we went up to the terrace of the hotel, our accommodation in Mexico City these days for breakfast. Although today it will be somewhat lighter than usual, since one of the first things we have planned is to go back to breakfast to a very special place.

And so, when it's 8:30 and having stayed at 10 in the morning in Coyoacan, one of the places to visit in Mexico City, we call back our faithful taxi. After 20 minutes of travel, it leaves us in front of the Frida Kahlo Museum, one of the must-see places in Mexico.

We have stayed at 10 in the morning in Sanborns, a small shopping center in Coyoacan. So as we still have a few minutes, we take the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood. We stop especially at the Frida Kahlo Museum, which we will visit later, one of the most visited places in Mexico City.

It does not take more than 5 minutes to realize that Coyoacan is a place full of color and atmosphere. Despite being the weekend, the streets begin to fill up, letting us see what is starting to cook and we will discover as the day goes by. There are 5 minutes left at 10 o'clock in the morning when we get close to the one we have set as a meeting point with the latinas.

As it could not be otherwise, they will guide us today through the places we told them we wanted to see in these two areas of Mexico City. Although they warned us in advance that before we start with the visits, we should go to taste a dish of Mexican cuisine to start our meeting in the best possible way.

So after a brief conversation, we go directly to the Antojitos Market, where as it could not be otherwise, we ordered some quesadillas for this second breakfast. We tried one of the best quesadillas in the world. And we have to say, they are exquisite. As we expected they have little or nothing to do with the Mexican cuisine that we are accustomed to eat outside of Mexico.

This is something that we wanted to say, since it surprise us a lot since we arrived. We could not say exactly the reason. Our idea was that the Mexican cuisine that we would find in Mexico would be very similar to the one we usually eat when we go to a Mexican restaurant in any other country. Well, our experience so far (and will continue throughout the trip) is the opposite.

Although we cannot deny that all the dishes we have tried outside of Mexico have been incredible. Eating here is an unparalleled experience, in which the flavors, the variety of dishes, the colors, in short, make every moment in which we sit down to eat.

Actually, if you are a lover of Mexican cuisine, eating in Mexico is an incredible experience in itself and one of the many reasons to travel to this incredible country. After this technical stop, and with time on our heels, we leave the Coyoacan Market to head to the House of Frida Kahlo. Here we have tickets reserved for 11 in the morning.

10 kilometers from the center of Mexico City is Coyoacan or place of coyotes. It is a neighborhood in which they emphasize their narrow and colorful streets and a lively atmosphere that make the place the perfect place and one of the places to visit in the city. It is also here where the famous house of Frida Kahlo is located, today a museum, which is one of the most known and visited places in the city.

With a schedule of 10 to 5:45 pm (Wednesday from 11) this museum is one of the most emblematic places of Coyoacan and also the city. Frida Kahlo was born, lived and died in this blue house. It is the place where many of her memories are kept alive, which refer to her incredible life and her relationship with Diego Rivera.

Although you can buy tickets directly at the ticket counter, there are entry shifts and most days there are crowds to access. So if you are sure of the day you are coming to Coyoacan, it is best to book them through the website and thus ensure the day and time of entry.
You can take photos in the garden and outdoors for free, but if you want to take photos inside you must pay extra pesos per person.

On the tour of the Blue House we see several of the rooms of the house, such as Diego's room, the kitchen, Frida's studio. We see her room and many of her works, which hang from the walls like real symbols and characters from this house.

Although we can really say that the character of Frida Kahlo is quite controversial and many times as beloved as she is hated by many. There is no doubt that the Frida Kahlo Museum is one of the places to visit in Mexico City that you cannot miss. We are sure it will bring you a little closer to the life of this incredible woman. In short, probably the best work of Kahlo, was herself.

At the end of the tour of the Blue House we visit two rooms where we can see, in addition to several of the corsets that she had to use throughout her life, several of her clothes displayed in showcases.

After the visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum, we took the opportunity to enjoy the garden area. We have a long conversation about the place and what it represents. We decide among all that we will continue the day visiting the Museum House of Leon Trotsky, intimately related with Diego and Frida.

The house of Leon Trotsky, which today is a museum, is practically preserved as the day he was killed. Although less visited than the Casa Azul by Frida Kahlo, we believe it is a perfect complement. It is also the perfect excuse to visit Coyoacan and enjoy one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Mexico City.

After the visit of Frida Kahlo Museum, we stayed in the garden area, where we went through it with tranquility. We pay attention to every detail, exchanging views of what we saw on the route and approaching the place where we find the ashes of Trotsky.

After this visit, we decided among all to get closer to another of the most emblematic places of Coyoacan. We retrace our steps to go to the Plaza Hidalgo and the Centennial Garden. Here we spent the morning at first hour and now we want to discover and walk together.

But before, how could it be otherwise. We get lost in the colorful and narrow streets of the neighborhood, finding real gems on the walk. It remind us once again that Mexico City is one of the places we will surely return to.

We could say, without fear of making mistakes, that the Plaza Hidalgo and the Centennial Garden are the nerve center of Coyoacan. We wait, dedicating a few minutes to get to know it and above all, live it. It is also in the Centennial Garden where the famous sculptures of the coyotes are found in the central fountain. Here many inhabitants meet to spend a pleasant time in this area of ​​the city.

In the nearby Plaza Hidalgo, bigger than the previous one and cobbled, is where we will probably find the most lively area. Here big and small stroll and enjoy one of the busiest and most colorful places in the neighborhood.

We spent in this area of ​​the city for almost an hour, enjoying the views, conversations, laughs and moments. We continue to walk, talk and above all, enjoy a day that is being the most intense and exciting, not only for the places we are visiting.

Trip to Coyoacan and San Angel in Mexico City

Being in this area of ​​Coyoacan, we take the opportunity to visit the Church of San Juan Bautista, south of Plaza Hidalgo. Here we visit its interior, especially looking at the ornamentation on all the walls.

After the morning tour, it's time to decide which place will serve to rest and also to eat in Coyoacan. We value several options and following the recommendation, we decided on the restaurant in the Centennial Garden Square. Here we ordered as starters some duck and santa leaf tacos and as main dishes a black chiquillo.

We also order some duck enchiladas with two moles and some ravioli, in addition to a corn cake for dessert. We have to confess, they are exquisite. And we spoke in the plural because in the end, although they were individual dishes, we have all finished eating everything and enjoying an incredible meal. Here laughter and conversation have been the protagonists, both in the food and in the long after dinner.

It is almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon when we end the visit to Coyoacan. We heading to another place to visit in Mexico City and that is none other than the neighborhood of San Angel. Initially the idea is to walk from Coyoacan to San Angel. When we look at the time we see that getting there will take us almost an hour.

It is more considering what we bloggers stop at every corner to take photos. We decided that the best thing is to go back to opting for a taxi and thus to gain some time to see San Angel more calmly. We arrived when it is 4:30 in the afternoon.

12 kilometers from the center of Mexico City, we find San Angel, a neighborhood that, like Coyoacan, was once a town around the city. Today we can say that it is a neighborhood of the city itself, where on weekends there is a well-known handicraft market, for which it is also well known. The nerve center of San Angel, especially on weekends, the San Jacinto Plaza, fills with color.

It is due to the attractive handicraft market that is mounted in the square, as well as the charming shops that are in the surroundings. The shop windows is a gift for the eyes, since the crafts, mostly made by local hands, is an incredible example of the art that is breathed in these streets.

The idea is to enjoy this area of ​​Mexico City losing us for its streets and small shops to see a little more about this aspect of the city. And how could it be otherwise, during the ride, we also have time to return to Mexican cuisine. In this case we taste the carafe ice cream for the first time since we began this trip to Mexico. The carafe ice cream in short, is an ice cream that is delicious and that will form part of our diet on this trip next to the corn cake.

After a long walk through San Angel, we make another stop with the excuse of resting. It helps us to return to the conversations accompanied by coffee and a piece of cake. When our stomach returns to ask us for attention, we go to the local Taquearte, known for its tacos. Here we order as a starter a chicharron cheese and a variety of tacos.

We have to say they are spectacular and is where we try for the first time and is another of the dishes that will be part of our trip from this moment. And so, when we finish dinner and it's practically 11 o'clock at night, it's time to say goodbye to our latina angels. And we are firmly convinced that our paths will cross again in the world and we are sure that this will happen soon.

Although we would have loved to extend the day, we should pay attention to the head and not the heart. Tomorrow we have to leave early in the morning towards our new destination. We return to the hotel, where we spend the last night of our stay in Mexico City, a city that has given us the best start of the trip we would have ever imagined.

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