Run Baby Run Movie Review

Joshi directed Mohanlal film - Run Baby Run - hit the theaters on the beautiful Thiruvonam day. The story is by Sachi of the Sachi-Sethu team who wrote the story of the full-length comedy film "Seniors". Joshi's new film Run Baby Run shows the competition of TV channels and the challenges they face.

Since it is a Joshi-Mohanlal collaboration film, I initially thought of not going because there would be the usual heroism and "killing thirty people at once" numbers. It is enough for someone to go and see it, come back and leave a review. Not only that, I had heard that Thapana and Mumumakan that had just arrived were not good enough.

Run Baby Run is a good film that can be watched for two and a half hours without getting bored.

Run Baby Run

Story and Screenplay

Venu (Mohanlal), who has completed his course with a gold medal from the Poona Film Institute, is interested in the world of news, not cinema. Not interested in being confined to any one media house, Venu works as a freelance cameraman. There is competition between channels to own his visuals. Renuka (Amala Paul) is a senior reporter at a leading Malayalam news channel. Proficiency in own profession. There is no harmony between Renu and Venu. But one day they had to go together to find a news. Run Baby Run is about what happened next.

Hrishikesh (Biju Menon) who leaves the news channel to start his own channel is another main character in this movie. Other characters are Siddique, Saikumar, Shammi Thilakan, Krishnakumar etc. The script is by Sachi. Cinematography is by RD Rajashekhar.Ratheesh Vega is the music director. The film is produced by Milan Jalil under the banner of Galaxy Films.

It is the story of reporters working in channels. The story revolves around the scramble to catch the exclusive news and the spades between them. The story is told in an interesting way without being boring. The story is almost predictable but the point is that it is interestingly told. There is no suspense. But the climax was unexpected as well as fun.

Not only that we all go to the movies to be entertained for two and a half to three hours. It's true that like me, you are tired of watching the lame comedy scenes that are regularly seen in comedy shows on channels. So we know almost every kind of comedies that come regularly today. But this film has many new comedy scenes. And that's just a very natural, simple comedy.

The comedy "Channel Raid" with Biju Menon and Shammi Thilakan seems to be the longest scene. The entire theater erupted in laughter. There were quite a few jokes that made people laugh a lot. Didn't we see some new jokes in Sachi-Sethu's film "Seniors"? Similarly, Sachi has released some new jokes. Not for fun, naturally. A good picture to laugh at.

Actors and Characters

I am very happy that Mohanlal has left his old roles and started playing the role of a common man. Casting a great actor like this in the role of a lord again and again was getting boring. If he realizes this truth, this great talent will give us many good characters. Of course the cameraman of this channel is a character who matches Mohanlal's age. There isn't much "heroism". There's a few beats, but there's not that old program of "thirty shots at once." This is the change I have seen. And as usual, his role was overplayed.

Amala Paul played her role well. Amala Paul played "Renuka", the ex-girlfriend of cameraman Venu and a channel reporter. Good, good.

Biju Menon is back with a deadly comedy. Pullikaran, who has recently proved that he can do comedy with films like "Ordinary" and "Seniors", has gone wild in this film as well. And Shammi Thilakan - he was acting like Thilakan again. He also handled the necessary jokes well.

The only thing I don't like is - Saikumar and Siddhik - we are tired of seeing them both in villainous roles. Even in this they are in the same role. There is no difference from many previous films. Nothing new to do. Both are great actors, but I disagree with them being typecast like this.

And none of the characters were bad, all the characters were good. There is no one to say bad.


After the interval, the film carries the fun and excitement together. Two and a half hours of fun without being boring. A good and enjoyable movie without the usual boring tricks.

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