Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe

Everything that helps keep your body in shape is welcome when you want to lose weight more easily. Natural shakes have become one of those healthy supports that can help you achieve your goal without suffering or undergoing strict diet. Orange smoothie in addition to helping us lose weight, stay in shape and energize allows to purify the body, reduce fluid retention and avoid constipation, while favoring the elimination of toxins.

What are the benefits of this energizing orange shake? These types of beverages are a supplement to the diet by acting in favor of metabolism and provide a feeling of fullness as they prevent excessive consumption of calories and fat accumulation. Orange in particular is one of the most useful fruits when you want to lose weight. Their low calorie content and high nutrient content make them great allies in losing weight. It brings natural energy to the body and activates its functions so that it starts to burn more calories from the first hours of the day.

Orange is a natural source of vitamin C, a nutrient that acts against free radicals to prevent cell damage. It also contains fiber, essential amino acids and minerals that drive the body clean to remove wastes that can cause disease. At the same time it is a great stimulant of digestion, perfect for combating constipation and other disorders such as gas and inflammation.

Another of the protagonists of this delicious natural drink is the pineapple. It has a digestive enzyme called bromelain, whose action in the body favors the expulsion of waste and the digestion of fats. It is composed largely of water and has an anti-inflammatory effect that makes it one of the best remedies to reduce excess fluids in the body. It supposes a significant contribution of fiber, essential to regulate the intestinal movement and to calm the frequent desire of eating of excessive form.

Precisely to enjoy such important goodness, then we want to share a delicious natural shake that serves to enhance the figure and energize the body. This energizing shake combines the incredible nutritional properties of orange. For its combination of ingredients, orange milkshake is a great choice to enjoy a healthy breakfast rich in nutrients.

Take it half an hour before the first meal of the day, or else make it your breakfast drink. Prepare it at least three times a week for good results. You can also enjoy it in those moments when you feel that you need an energy boost.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins
Servings: 1 servings
Calories: 199 calories


2 oranges
1 cup pineapple
1 cup milk
1 cup yogurt
1 banana
3 ice cubes
Mint leaves or thin orange slices

Recipe Method:

To begin with, extract the juice from the two oranges and pour it into the blender jar. Then, wash and chop the banana and add it. Cut a slice of pineapple and chop in cubes to add. Add milk, yogurt and ice cubes.

Process everything for a few moments and serve without gluing with mint leaves or thin orange slices as toppings.

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  • Sahasra Recipes
    Sahasra Recipes August 27, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    Yummy smoothie.

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