My Workspace: Microsoft Presents New Office 365 Toolbar for macOS

Microsoft garage Toolbar App My Workspace synced Office 365 with the Apple macOS. It offers an easy calendar overview access to MS office documents and files on OneDrive. The optional installable app can get placed in the toolbar area of macOS. My Workspace displays a chronological list of recent files.

It is like the DropBox or OneNote app. Especially important files can get pinned and displayed in a list available per tab. This is especially useful for anyone who opens a large number of documents in a short time. They have quick access to the most important project data. A split function is also built into My Workspace. It allows access to individual files by a link.

Outlook calendar in the snippet

The built-in, scrollable mini-calendar view should be practical for the office work. You can see the appointments and tasks of the next hours without opening Outlook itself. From there, you can also answer invitations at the push of a button. You can start scheduled Skype meetings. A quick starter at the bottom opens individual office apps.

How many items get displayed in the file list or calendar can be set in My Workplace options. Depending on what you select there, the menu that gets displayed from the top of the screen is larger or smaller.

Creative project of Microsoft Garage

My Workplace gets developed by a group of Microsoft employees. It is within the framework of the so-called Microsoft Garage. In this respect, this is not an Office-Mac enhancement developed by the Office team. It is an independent project. Microsoft Garage released an extension with Speech Recognition program for the Windows Office.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign allows for secure digital signatures in electronic documents in Office 365. In return, Adobe makes Microsoft Azure the preferred cloud platform.

Microsoft has integrated the electronic signature solution Adobe Sign in Office 365. Documents in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook can get signed with Adobe Sign. This works according to Microsoft over all device classes and platforms. The signed files fulfill the requirements of handwritten documents.

The two companies are making announcements from the past year. The goal is a deep and diverse integration of the respective product offerings. Adobe Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe Sign has been available since March.

In the course, the integration of Adobe Sign into Microsoft teams will also follow. It then facilitates the complete electronic exchange of documents. It thus reduces the duration of approval processes in companies.

For this, the Adobe Sign-App in Microsoft teams will offer a tab to sign documents. Through a bot, team members can manage and keep documents. When these functions are available is not yet clear.

Adobe will also integrate Adobe Sign into Microsoft Flow. The signature solution allows you to create your own workflows. The integration of Adobe Sign and Microsoft Flow gets to other Microsoft products. It includes SharePoint, Dynamics, and OneDrive, in the coming months.

Microsoft teams also gets linked to the Adobe Experience Cloud.
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