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London is a city with lots of charm and people from all over the world! In my last trip to London in addition to travel, I could enjoy almost surreal experiences, perhaps the unexpected. Continuing with the series of chocolate and trips, I present stores in every way. When I spoke of unexpected, it is that really I could not imagine that there is a mega-complex dedicated to the M&M's. If you visit London, sure you should go through the M&M's World. It's a super tourist site, as there are always people and is almost a must when traveling to this city.

I have been to London several times, and all I've been through this store. Now you will see why.

Where is the M&M's World in London?

There are several M & M's World stores in the world, I've been in New York and this one, London. The London store is in Leicester Square, next to Chinatown. If you go by subway, the stop is Leicester Square, which is next door. You can also walk from Trafalgar Square, for example, if you are a tourist.

The store hours are amazing. From Monday to Saturday it is open from 10 to 12 pm, and Sunday from 12 to 6 pm. In that area, there are many restaurants and pubs that attract tourists. They have it all worked out.

What can you buy in M&M's World?

Of everything. That is, are 4 floors, did you think that would only sell M & M's, based filthy rich can sell a thousand more things to gullible tourists? Of course not.

The M & M's are on the ground floor, which is also the case for pay. In the other three plants, we find merchandising of all kinds, of course, related to the M&M's.

Some of the things you can find are clothing for men, women or children, M&M's dispensers, Keychains, magnets, wallets, cushions, cups and other packages of M&M's.

Let's talk about M&M's itself

I recently had to go to London for work, and I went with several kilos of chocolate, including 420gr Crispy M&M's that cost me only £ 8.36. I know, it is very expensive for a bag of chocolate, but it was not my fault. If anyone finds them online for less than 70 €, please tell me.

And the announcement there at the entrance of the store is a statement of intent: 4 floors of fun (and chocolate).

From here begins the journey to the geek world. Shelves of all kinds of objects related to this product. Nor in my collection of drawing pencils do I have a color palette that is so complete. Yes, it is made with cocoa.

And here I find a sample of "curiosities" of all kinds scattered among many shelves. Looking in every corner or shelf, I started taking pictures. And it is that even the Beatles have their tribute at this store.

In a laboratory, there was a person called Ragini who pretended to blend colors. In the shop, there are also products for collectors. In some cases, an expensive fad is the figurines of 1000 pounds.

I hope at least you have found this article interesting. If you go to London and pass over Leicester Square it is a curious place to visit.

I can say it was a gastronomic break because half the time I spent on M&M store and eating fish and chips in Candem! But it was worth it and a nice addition.

M&M's World in London

New York-based M&M store - a delight

Where can you see more candies that melt in your mouth and not in your hand? The swilling New York, the city that never sleeps, a temple of modernity and modernism that always surprises visitors. Museums, skyscrapers and shops like the one I present below make this city a place where it will be impossible not to enjoy. In fact, few places can beat it in culinary terms. And that sweet tooth they mouthwatering in the M&M store, a huge center for many will become the paradise of chocolate.

Although there are all kinds substitutes for many chocolate candy star it is the M&M. Can you imagine seeing a multi-story store your biggest gastronomic whim? Well, this is what happens to anyone who does not conceive of life without chocolate and more specifically, without M&M. And nothing more enter the store what is discovered is neither more nor less than a small world where this delicacy is the protagonist.

Located between the streets 47 and 48 of Times Square, the M&M store can be distinguished from a distance by the lights of their windows, colors that already announce what we find inside. In addition, an M&M Giant advertising panel mode invites you to enter a small tidbit personified with eyes that hint that what we find inside is really amazing.

And so it is. Like a big mall were, MMS store has three floors that are connected by escalators. No, I do not think that all plants are full of large suppliers of M & M, which as you can see in the picture also occurs. The traditional candy will accompany a large number of variants of different colors and flavors, with nuts and tastes obviously cannot find in a candy store common.

In addition, as happens in these cases, there are all kinds of merchandising on M&M. You will hesitate on what object or clothing to buy from t-shirts, shoes to everything, absolutely everything at M&M's. In addition, if you are already a fan of this candy, you can take a picture with an M&M, no doubt a photo frame of your trip. Finally, and as a curiosity, there is a machine that, after being second in front of it, scans your body to tell you what kind of M&M you are. Impressive, no?
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