Game Development in HTML5

We are so attached to the smartphone screen that we forget how much fun you can have playing on the PC even without downloading anything with online games or browser games. There are certainly the funniest games that can be found on the internet, with adventures and action, multiplayer, where you can play immediately even without signing up or registering an account.

In some cases, you have to develop your character or army to fight as a team or against other players to be better than them in tactics, strategy and planning. Flash games, until recently, were the rule of browser games. Now many web applications, streaming services and games are taking advantage of the new HTML5 technology.

The result is fluid and light web pages, with multimedia features, complex 3D animations and increasingly engaging interactivity. It took a few years, but beautiful and engaging games are finally available, made in HTML5. A programming language, which applies to games also allows you to play both in the desktop version and in the mobile version, without having compatibility problems.

HTML5 games can indeed be played in desktop PC or Mac version, but the real news is mobile. All games adapt perfectly to the screen and the device used, be it iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, smartphone or Android tablet. Play for free and without downloading and say goodbye to the mega space occupied by apps. HTML5, the future of online games has begun!

For this, today we see a lot of HTML5 games and amazing websites that use the new HTML5 and can be played or viewed without plugins and add-ons. The only requirement to open web pages in HTML5 is a compatible and up-to-date browser: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge.

Furthermore, it should not be underestimated that these games can be played online both from Windows PCs and from Mac, Linux and also from iPad or iPhone which do not support Adobe Flash.

How to play free html5 games online

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. There are times when I get really bored. In fact, watching videos, listening to music, working and surfing the social networks is not enough, I am used to playing games to pass the time like and Turning on the internet I found another nice game site that meet my needs, thanks to a friend of mine who recommended

All the above online platforms allows you to play various games of different categories. In I found beautiful HTML5 games to play for free on the browser without flash and without downloading anything. In you can browse the games by category, and click on one of the games to get started right away. On too I found numerous beautiful and varied games that caught my attention.

There are games for all ages that keeps me going for hours without me even noticing. I'm now able to spend more time on the PC without getting bored. On all the above sites there are many games that can be played at any time of the day and completely free.

How to play free html5 games online

In the choice is quite wide and, periodically, new games are proposed to try. In any case, the games present are sufficient to satisfactorily cover the great classic sectors of the arcade, with some of the most seminal games that have been seen for each of the genres in question. Evaluating titles of the genre from a qualitative point of view, nowadays, seems almost inappropriate, being real classics, but there are some games that certainly stand out more than others.

Let's start with the principle that there are many games but they have specific categories to which they are dedicated. There are old classics like Minesweeper, Pinball, Snake, Ninja, just to name a few. On the shooting front, the collection really includes a large amount of titles such as Alien Tank Defender, among the simulation there is the innovative Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game while among the Board games there is the Pokemon Inspired Board Game, in addition to the Math Games that can deliver a great deal of hours of play. Among my favorite games are the holiday themed games like Flappy Bird Inspired Santa Game.

The site allows you to choose from a vast selection of games. The level and quality of the games, with fairly simple graphics and modes, are not at all demanding. It could be a way to entertain, especially for lovers of simpler things. It is a great site which is updated regularly and new games are added. Undoubtedly I think it is the best for now and I hope it gets better and better.

It is totally free, and it is not necessary to register. The site allows you to play fairly simple (and sometimes even stupid) games on the web that could fill empty time. They are all great games and moreover they can be tackled in different ways and the quality of the offer is really high.

There are many games, all free and all special, you will certainly have no particular problems. The games in the site is a great pastime and keeps boredom away! In my opinion it is useful how to pass the time if you are expecting someone but at the same time in most cases they are very simple games and some not very interesting such as making up a doll or dressing her up.

The concept art, illustrations further embellishes by increasing the nostalgia effect and making us fall even more into the magical world of the golden age of arcades. Obviously these are marginal elements compared to the gameplay, but in a product that still relies on historical re-enactment they would have not exactly secondary importance.

The sites provides a single portal where you can find the best. Since many smartphones do not have Flash support, you can play from mobile by going to, without downloading any application. The settings are realistic, also applying a remarkable effect to the graphics of the individual games, convincingly simulating the curvature of the original screen and its typical inclination.

If you keep this type of view, you can also have a feeling of being inside a real game room. The site is designed to make the rendering of 2D games as faithful as possible that were earlier designed to work best on CRT screens and resolutions much lower than the current ones. The games are presented in great shape and substantially identical to the originals. is a nice site where if you wanted to play simple games totally free and without any commitment it is absolutely the best site you could ever happen to: personally I have always enjoyed it, simple to use and very good even for the kids.

However, I have a lot of fun, I never expected to find games of great depth but when I don't have time to turn on a console it is convenient. I spend time on the computer from the slides that I create or pass, it costs me nothing to lower the window and open the browser!

The HTML5 based gaming sites are among the best I've ever landed on. There are obviously pretty childish games, perfect even if you have kids at home.

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