6 Creative Mother's Day Gifts

For Mother's Day, we mainly think of pampering our own mother but what about the new moms? They often go under the radar, unfortunately. If your best friend, your sister or your favorite colleague is about to give birth, she will be delighted that you offer her a little attention. First, forget the gifts for the newborn. It's a safe bet that the expectant mother already received a ton of children pajamas, blankets and diapers at her baby shower. But then, what to offer her?

I give you here some winning gift ideas, which will please all new mothers. Mom's word!

creative mothers day gifts ideas

1. Ultra cozy pajamas

Even though she will be walking around the house in a dirty old t-shirt and yoga pants, she will be delighted to occasionally upgrade her look. Give her a nice, comfortable, but above all practical mom and baby matching pajamas. I like the ones on Lazy One which is a chic, cutting-edge and inspiring site that talks about women's fashion differently.

Lazy One offers the most beautiful pieces, the most beautiful brands, through an expert selection and a unique, ultra-chic visual identity, always on the lookout for trends. The Mommy & Me pajamas have a classic look and feels very soft. What makes it all the more awesome is that the pajamas for moms are machine washable and can be unbuttoned easily for many breastfeeding sessions. In short, the site will thrill the fashion enthusiast.

For babies choose pajamas with buttons or zippers on the front rather than the back. In addition, pajamas with snaps or a fork zipper will facilitate diaper changes. Also make sure that the sleeves are not too narrow. Stretch fabric is also a good option for easy dressing. Finally, avoid clothes that must be passed over the head or opt for a fairly wide neckline.

To reduce the risk of suffocation, avoid pajamas with small decorative pieces such as stones or buttons as well as ribbons or cords that tie around the neck. Also make sure that the snaps are securely attached to the pajamas and that they will not fall off.

2. Frozen homemade meals

Everything that makes everyday life easier is always a winner. Before the birth of my little cabbage, my relatives had given themselves the word to prepare me frozen simmered meals. My freezer was overflowing with spaghetti sauce, shepherd's pie, small casseroles, soups, etc. Not having to cook on the last month of my pregnancy and the first 2 months postpartum turned out to be the greatest gift ever.

3. Cooking boxes

When baby is born, it is likely that the new mom will spend most of her time in the nursery rather than in the kitchen. Help her to rekindle her love for good food with a gift card. There are so many options that will allow her to focus on her passion for cooking instead of lingering at the grocery store or leafing through cookbooks.

4. A body care package

A new mom never gets too much care. Give her some sweet moments with a set of pure luxury products that includes beauty treatments with ingredients and formulas are suitable for all skin types. Pack everything in an adorable, nicely illustrated box that she can keep to store baby memories.

5. A spa gift card

Spoil a new mom with a relaxing day at the spa. A gift certificate can be charged with any amount and can be used for massages, facials, mani/pedis, as for activities like yoga or Pilates classes, and this in several hundred locations across the country. What if she can't find a moment for her for several months? No worries, choose a card that will never expire.

6. Free cleaning

Nothing is less of a priority in the lives of new parents than cleaning the house. Give your favorite new mom the happiness of a house that sparkles with cleanliness without having to lift a finger thanks to home cleaning services on request. She will be eternally grateful to you!
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