Winter Clothings To Keep Body Warm During Winter Time

One needs to keep to keep themselves warm during cold weather especially winter season. Traveling during winter season is a challenge for travelers coming from tropical countries. Knowing what and how to dress during winter season can be very troublesome if the travelers do not have knowledge about winter clothes.

Generally, one needs three layers of clothes to keep the body warm inside with another layer outside to protect from wind or rain.

For example, wear long, thermal underwear, underneath your pants, then a shirt, sweater, jacket and coat. This allows you to remove clothes indoors when its warm. A set of long johns is highly recommended. A 100% wool long john will be ideal for Asian travelers.

Long johns not only helps keep body heat inside the body, but also protect the skin from dryness due to the cold weather. The material used is also important to ensure optimal comfort when it caresses the skin and prevents skin irritation. On the other hand, a three layer cotton long john will do for temperature between 12C to 18C. The second layer should be woolen sweater. A fine cashmere sweater is recommended when temperature is below 10C.

A parka is recommended if the weather is slightly warmer. A padded parka is recommended if the temperature is between -10C to 0C. Leather parka is also available for those who like leather clothing. For formal and feminine look, opt for a woolen coat will keep you warm from 10C and below.

In cold weather, body heat is lost rapidly if head and ears are not well covered. Hat, hoods, scarves, facemasks and earmuffs are good protection against the cold.

For further protection against cold, you will need other accessories like lip balm, body and face moisturizer, money pouch, luggage bag, vacuum bag and chemical warmer.

If you are heading for a winter vacation, be ready with proper clothing and accessories to keep you warm to have an enjoyable vacation.

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