Find a Family Vacation that the Kids Will Love

With today’s busy lives, it is especially important for families to get away from it all, together. Children do not preclude a great vacation. In fact, if planned correctly, a family vacation can be the glue that makes a family stronger.

The trick is finding the right family vacation for your family. Can you imagine showing up at a great resort with your children – only to find the resort does not offer anything special for youngsters? Within a day, the kids will be bored, the adults will be frustrated, and your vision of a special family vacation will be up in smoke.

Planned correctly, and with the help of a travel consultant, you can find the right trip for your family. A consultant can help you find a place where someone has thought of your children’s needs, as well as your own. Today, that could be a cruise, an international resort or a domestic destination. The common denominator is that someone thought about what makes children happy – like age-appropriate activities – and what meets parents’ needs – like a babysitting service or child-friendly menus.


Before you call a travel consultant, you need to think about what kind of vacation would interest your entire family. If you have a baby, an adventure vacation is probably not a good choice. But if you have older children or teens, an adventure vacation might be just the ticket to keep everyone engaged. Imagine hiking down a 10,000-foot-high volcano on Maui, or taking a helicopter tour of the islands of Hawaii. Got a young saltwater fisherman? Spend a day out on the water going for a big catch.

If you are looking for something more exotic, consider the islands of the Caribbean. St. Lucia features mountains, waterfalls and a drive-in volcano. In St. Kitts, you can visit a rainforest filled with monkeys and wildlife. Try scuba diving or snorkeling for a close-up look at sea creatures that your children have only read about.

You might also consider a visit to Canada where you can take the family whale watching in New Brunswick or walk the Viking trail of Leif Erikson in Newfoundland.


When your children have a few history classes behind them, it is time to consider a historical trip to some of the places they have studied in school. Europe is rich in history – from the medieval city of Brussels, Belgium, to the castles and towers of London and the ancient ruins in Rome. History will never be the same! Or go south to Mexico, where you can climb an ancient pyramid, or Puerto Rico where you can visit ancient cathedrals, forts and plazas in Old San Juan.

And do not forget about the historic sites of the United States. They may not be as old as those in Europe, but American children probably know more about them. Philadelphia, Pa., is home to Independence Hall, where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence; as well as the Liberty Bell and Valley Forge Park, where then General George Washington encamped one winter with his troops. A little further north and you’ll be in New York City, the city that never sleeps and is home to Broadway, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty

Quick getaways

Scheduling a family vacation can be complicated, especially if you want to avoid pulling the children out of school. Sometimes it is easier to schedule a quick getaway over a long weekend. You may feel obligated to pack a lot into three or four days, but the kids will never get bored!

Las Vegas, Nev., is more than a gambling town these days. It is an oasis on the desert that offers fabulous hotels and family friendly attractions. Great package deals are available that make it an affordable option. A simple walk down the Las Vegas strip will give your children a chance to see a battle aboard a pirate ship; big cats – like tigers, panthers and leopards; and more than 1,200 species of sharks and other saltwater fish.

You might want to consider visiting the U.S.’s neighbor to the north, Canada. For a little taste of France, visit Quebec City. Or cross the border between New York and Canada and visit the magnificent Niagara Falls. It may sound like a honeymoon locale, but there are plenty of family activities, excursions and attractions there, too.

And definitely put Washington, D.C., on your list. The nation’s capital is full of interesting and affordable attractions. Start by walking by the White House or visiting for free any of the 19 Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo. Tour the monuments on the National Mall like the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. The public transportation system, the Metro, is clean and inexpensive. And you will often find the city deserted on the weekends, so hotel rates are down and parking is available.

Having a family definitely does not mean the end of vacations. If anything, it is the start of something new and exciting. As you show the world to your children, you can see it through their eyes.
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