Hiking with Kids: Useful Tips to Make it More Fun

Hiking is an outdoor activity that is best enjoyed when you are with your friends. But if all your nature-loving peers are currently busy with other things, you can always take your kids on your upcoming trip.

Crossing mountains and traversing the woods may seem like a difficult task for the young ones, but in fact, it can be easy for them. In addition, kids have an innate sense of curiosity with their surroundings, which means that they will really enjoy the trip rather than get bored with it.
Hiking with Kids

Here are some useful guidelines that you can follow when taking your kids on a hiking adventure.

1. Wear the right outfit and pack the right gear

Are you looking for what to wear during your hiking adventure? If you are trekking during the cold, winter months, make sure that you bundle them up in layers of clothes. Jackets and hoods are important pieces of apparel that you should never leave without, especially during the rainy season. In addition, make sure that their footwear is waterproof and durable.

Depending on the trail, the footwear can be sandals or boots. Most walking boots tend to be quite heavy, so pick the right pair that will keep their feet protected without sacrificing their comfort. When exploring the woods, there is a big chance that the young ones will get wet and muddy. So always bring a spare change of clothes.

For your outdoor gear, some of the most important things that you need to bring are the Map, GPS, Sunscreen, First aid kit, Sunglasses, Knife, Water, and Food.

2. Stop and take a rest

Whether you are a child or adult, hiking can really be a tedious activity because it burns a lot of energy. Kids should always have adequate rest during the trip because if they are too tired, they tend to be cranky. You can also use the energy stops for motivating them to continue the journey.

3. Use positive reinforcement

As a parent, you have probably used this method before in boosting the confidence of your kids. Aside from school presentations and homework, you can also use positive reinforcement when the family is trekking outdoors. While walking, tell your kid how brave he is, or how fast he climbs – even if he isn’t. The young ones like to hear that they are doing an amazing job. This can be really helpful in boosting the confidence of first-time explorers.

4. Teach the right hiking ethics

While they are still young, it is best if you teach them how to take care of nature and respect their surroundings. During the trip, make sure that you do not throw any trash on the ground. Do not let them feed any animals so that they won’t be conditioned.
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