My Love Story with India

My mind ponder about the culture of India that includes its numerous religions, customs, traditions, languages spoken, the ceremonies, the arts, the way of life in India and its people.

In a subcontinent like India, with a population of more than a billion individuals, languages, religions, dances, music, architecture and culinary traditions vary considerably from place to place. I also believe in what I do not believe. It's not part of my experiences, but I take it into consideration. I do not like it, but I know it.

I do not practice it, but I accept it. I defend my favorites, but I do not fall prisoner of myself. India is a complex mixture of its historical traditions and a country of very different cultures, many languages, religions and traditions and I as a child began to face, learn, accept, and assimilate this diversity.

I will not leave the principle, and I will, at least here, tell you that I am the son of an authoritative, far-sighted man, a great worker, one who lives for work and who has been able to get out of the way with tenacity from scratch, willpower and sweat. In rural areas and sometimes in urban areas in India, it is common that three or four generations of the same family live under one roof and the patriarch often solves the problems of the whole family.

I still thank him today for teaching me the values of respecting people of all ages and in a place with over thirty employees, I could handle easily based on the experience gained. I know how to treat my co-workers, because I had been for long periods in my fathers’ shoes.

I turn to them with the kindness and humility and I had been able to see them smile when I did their job. I knew the importance of respect and confidence that are indispensable elements in creating a serene and productive working environment.

For a while I was proud of the position I had taken as a leader but at some point I realized that boredom was taking over as I spend not less than twelve hours a day in the same place! It is a beautiful place and I have no hesitation to admit it, but it is always the same, place I was in!

I really felt in a stagnant situation. No, if I had persevered in where I was, I should have recognized that I did not have a long-lasting experience for my activity, but a two-year experience replicated for a number of times.

I then started reading and researching something that could make my life more special and fun. Yes, because, in my opinion, one of the business's prerogatives is growth and fun. If I am happy I can create. If I grow up, I can gain. And gain is to be understood in both existential and economic terms.

In the beginning I had some preconception about the possibility of changing and getting out of my hamster wheel due to induced or fed preconceptions, unknowingly and with a sense of protection, from the mentality of friends and acquaintances. Are you crazy, you want to leave this nice job and they could not believe that despite the envied tenure of life, I was dissatisfied with my condition.

The fact is that I am a dreamer, a dreamer who has always dreamed of being great, and that they, moreover, had probably stopped doing it. At a certain age, the dream is perceived as a madness, a taboo, something that, if it is not realized, causes pain.

One day, which has become a milestone in my growth, I went to a dear friend whose mindset has fascinated me forever, who like me, shared the passion for the way people still do business in rural India based more on mutual trust than anything else, and we decided to make a long trip, each one riding our own bike.

We travelled thousands of miles through majestic and enchanting places in a fantastic journey and a wonderful adventure that has generated an existential turning point in me. And it was just there, on that occasion, that I realized the value of time and money. It was a winning and exhilarating combination. I found my target. I wanted to get my time and money too. Now, I had to trace my path.

And, without wanting it, the people of my country set me on the right path. One morning, at breakfast, a roadside dhaba in Rajasthan made me taste some of the products, which was very popular among patrons of that dhaba. The dhaba owner told me that they were made over a span of three days, but ultimately the smile in the face of people made him prepare it everyday. He told me about the mental process that had led him to success, such as his decision-making mode.

I decided to stay near the dhaba for a few days and this was part of a world of highly motivating training, a training that allowed me to learn insights as I saw the way he interacted with the customers that inevitably led them to carry some of the products for home too.

I had come to almost thirty years convinced that this was a sacred statement to find that it was nothing but a dogma as incredible as the circles of influence can unconsciously lead a man to do something. Also, thanks to that training, I was lucky enough to meet optimistic people, people who turned out to be good partners and good friends in life. I finally made my statement saying, if someone has already done it, I can do it too!

Another very important point for my growth, which really made a difference, was to find out that if I wanted to become rich, I did not have to go to a rich man to ask for his money as loan. If I really wanted to be successful in the economic sphere, then I should not have money, but information!

This is to be able to replicate the path. If you adopt the same thinking process, you can get the same kind of result. And that creates that kind of self-confidence, which is an indispensable premise to success. I continued to look for a method and a system that has already been proven to generate money and automatic bonuses.

I acquired new mental behaviours and attitudes and my determination to succeed in me was rewarded. That is the philosophy of delegation and decentralization and which needs the ability to find and manage human resources. I learned in a short time to buy and sell products to family members and friends, first buying them at auction, then selling it out, and then again. It was highly profitable because it was both beneficial for the buyers that avoid the high costs required for buying it in normal market.

This practice has sometimes helped me to help the family in difficulty, and helping someone at the same time. Being able to combine selfishness and generosity is really rewarding. In every business I do, I always try to improve someone's quality of life, in addition to my own and my family's. After acquiring mastery of the matter, my circle of influences has begun to be interested and want to participate in my endeavours.

So I came into contact with successful, motivated and concrete people who opened up other roads. I am aware of being just at the beginning of my journey and the fact that the road will be long and winding and that, for this reason, will be very fun and motivating.
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