A Trip to Shark Bay & Monkey Mia in Western Australia

I wake up in front of the sea and the view from inside my tent is magical. I see the sea like a whole fresh mermaid! She is perfect all the time, and it's so boring. And in addition she is really nice! We are going to discover Shark bay! Two small towns welcomes the tourists, Denham and Monkey Mia. Monkey Mia is my absolute favorite in Australia. Shark Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is 800 km from Perth and is the westernmost point of Australia. This place deserves a few days of exploration.

We make a first stop at Hamelin Pool, where we find a formation of stromatolites, which are quite rare. They are formed by microscopic marine beings, cyanobacteria. Some stromatolites were formed 3.2 billion years ago, making them one of the earliest known forms of life on Earth. Cyanobacteria feed on photosynthesis, which transforms calcium in water into limestone. A thin layer of limestone is deposited around the cyanobacteria colony, then another layer on top, until it eventually forms the stromatolite.

Our second stop is Shell beach. The beach is 60 km, completely covered with small white shells. It is not necessarily nice to walk barefoot, but is of incredible beauty. We go through Little Lagoon, Nanga Bay, Shelly Bay, to Denham.

At Monkey Mia, we stay in a camping resort. It feels good after the desert party. It was during this evening that we met the most modest Australian in the world. He is a volunteer to care for dolphins. He explains that dolphins feel his positive energy and his emotional state. In short he has a lot of success with dolphins and he interpreted it because of his super energy. If we are lucky and if we have as beautiful a soul as him, the dolphins will swim to us tomorrow.

A Trip to Shark Bay & Monkey Mia in Western Australia


I do not know it yet but today is one of the most beautiful of my life. Today I'm going to see dolphins. I'm going to see dolphins in their natural habitat in Monkey Mia on the west coast of Australia and not in a swimming pool in Marineland!

I run to the beach where all the people from the campsite are gathered. The dolphins arrive. I want to cry. I'm hysterical. I want to cuddle everyone. I photograph on all sides. The dolphins follows the volunteers who give them fish. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

We head to little lagoon, a typical beach of the west coast, almost deserted with turquoise water. We go to Francois Peron National Park where we bathed in a hot tub. In the afternoon, we decide, with a group of motivated ones, to go rent canoes. I'm scared of sharks but I tell myself that as long as I do not fall from the boat I'm safe. Or I lie to myself and let myself be convinced by the group effect. We take beers, we finish them in the canoe and it's gone!

We paddle. The weather is covered but we still drink beer in the middle of the ocean. At the end of our expedition, I get a little disappointed because we did not even see a big fish. We decided to continue a little bit and join the canoe jetty to see the others who are fishing. And we see it. The dolphin.

We rush at full speed towards it. And then halfway it comes out everywhere a two three four six we are in the middle of a dolphin bench. They are one meter from our canoe. They are not afraid and play before us. I have no words. It's the craziest experience of my life.

To end the day in style, the group's prepared the pasta for everyone. There was no better way to finish the day. I was drunk and I kept telling myself that this day is one of my favorite days in my very little life.

It is in this bubble of happiness that I go near the waves. 5 minutes later, I was in the Indian Ocean with my beer, my clothes, my pots and I was hanging with a pinball machine. That night we dreamed of our life.


After the dream day before, we come back to reality. It's raining! The cyclone has caught up with us! In the morning, we visit an aquarium where we can see lots of marine animals and sharks! We asked lots of questions to our guide.

Since we are also humans, in the afternoon we took a nap on our beds. Except me of course who is too busy to upload photos to my instagram albums! The connectivity is very poor! On the other hand there are some who do not have problems to sleep. My partner takes me for a cushion and I dare not even move for fear of waking her up because she's cute when she sleeps. I know, I'm weak.

Everyone has recovered strength so much to say that tonight is the night! We had a party.


We have to go for 10 hours on car to Coral Bay. It will be a very long day and I will be able to think about all that.

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