The Best Hair Removal with Braun Epilators

For both men and women, unwanted body hair has become a real problem. Over the years, many methods have been adopted for the removal of hair from wax to the traditional razor, electric shaver and more recently to the epilator. For exceptional results, you have to choose an epilator that has a powerful motor, settable speed, integrated skin protection and that is easy to handle.

The general conception of people is that only women want to remove unwanted hair. Well, it's not like that anymore! Based on market research of companies that care about personal care products, men also want to get rid of unwanted hair. To get a smoother skin for longer, men use different methods of hair removal, and now they are not ashamed anymore. Enough with preconceptions!

What is an epilator?

It is a temporary hair removal device that can run on battery, can be rechargeable or powered by electricity.
Epilation consists of tearing the hairs (sorry it's a bit raw as a scene) together with their follicle. As the hair is removed together with the follicle, you will have a slower regrowth and the skin will be smoother for longer.

The epilators are made up of numerous automatic tweezers, which remove more hairs at the same time. Let's say that represents the evolution of simple tweezers, which rips a hair at a time. So, if you're always in a hurry, do not worry, the men's epilators eliminate more hairs in a single pass, making the operation faster.

The hair will grow back in a few weeks, but, of course, how many weeks depends on the person. The re-growth, in fact, is linked to a double thread at the speed of the hair growth cycle, so it varies from subject to subject. They are easily transportable and therefore ideal to take them with you on trips. For you who travel often, for work or for fun, I am a godsend. You can remove unwanted hair at any time!

Is it a hassle for you to epilate the body with traditional epilators? There is a method of permanent hair reduction that is much faster and lasts longer. It is the pulsed light epilator.

Items to consider when buying an epilator

The epilation of men is different from that of the women, for many reasons. Men generally have harder skin, and body hair is thicker and thicker. For this reason, you need an epilator that removes as many hairs as efficiently as possible. You can buy an epilator with fewer tweezers, but it will take forever. The more time it takes and more pain you will feel! Many female epilators have difficulty removing male hairs, so you have to be careful when buying an epilator. I recommend you buy one of quality. They cost more, but all the money spent is worth.

What features make a SUPER epilator?

The power of the engine, the number of tweezers and the brand. Motor power It is important because the hairs of the males are thicker and require more power. The number of tweezers, the more they are, the better. They allow removing more hairs in a single pass. The process will be faster and the pain will be more bearable. Go on the safe side. Buy top-of-the-line Braun, Philips and Panasonic epilators.

An epilator works quickly and is designed for larger areas such as legs, chest, and shoulders. These devices are available in the dry only version, only wet or wet and dry in combination. If you want to wear the epilator even in the shower, we recommend a wet & dry epilator.

You have to choose the model you like best, even if it is designed for women. Do not be afraid especially not be ashamed to buy an epilator. What is important, as I have already explained, is that it has a powerful motor and a lot of tweezers. The aesthetics do not count! So, you will use it in your bathroom, away from prying eyes.

Is epilation necessary for men? And above all, does the epilator work for men?

YES! An epilator is very useful for men. Let's see the benefits of an epilator. First, it's very easy to use. Unlike tweezers, epilation does not involve the removal of any hair individually. In addition, unlike waxing, the hair removal process does not create disorder for the home and does not require long preparations.

The results last longer than shaving because the hair removal removes the hair from the root, it does not cut it only superficially, at the skin level. The hair torn from the root becomes weaker and the speed of regrowth decreases with each epilation. It can be used many times. You will have one single expense a little more conspicuous, the purchase cost.

It can be used comfortably at home. The men's epilator can be applied to large areas of skin such as shoulders, legs, abdomen or chest, and on small areas. As the hairs are torn from the root, they grow back more slowly. Usually after 2, 3 or 4 weeks. The time of regrowth, however, varies from subject to subject. It depends on the speed of regrowth of the hairs of every single person.

Some disadvantages of the electric epilator

The epilator works similarly to waxing, and like waxing, it does not exfoliate the skin from accumulated dead cells. Tear only the hair from the root. The exfoliation gives a shine to the skin that the epilator, unfortunately, does not give. In addition to the initial purchase cost, after a certain period of time, to keep it always efficient, you need to change the discs or blades. It can be painful and cause redness, ingrown hairs, and irritation.

The delicate parts, like the pubis, are very sensitive to the epilator. Epilators have advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you whether or not to use it. The epilator market, in general, is aimed at women. For this reason, there are very few epilators created specifically for men. The Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 is small and easy to use. It is convenient because it is wet and dry (you can also use it in the shower). For us men and for those who are beginners, this is a great feature. The hot water relieves pain.

It is a cordless, portable and practical epilator. It allows you to remove the hair quickly, and the skin remains smooth for at least 4 weeks. It has a hair removal head 40% wider than previous models. This means that it can eliminate more hair in a single pass. The tweezers are not only wider, but also longer. They also capture the shortest hairs.

The Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 has 6 extra accessories of the shaving head, the trimmer hood, the massage hood, the hood for the face. There is a cap in contact with the skin and a charging base where to place it and to charge it for the next use

The massage cap reduces the pain you usually feel during epilation. I remind you that over time you will feel less pain and the hair will become thinner and thinner. The other accessories allow you to use the epilator on other parts of the body such as arms and armpits. It is very convenient for people who have sensitive skin and are easily irritated. In fact, unlike other epilators, the Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 does not pull the skin during epilation and prevents redness and pain.

The larger head of 40% allows you to remove more hairs in a single pass. The high frequency massaging head makes epilation a little more delicate. The SmartLight light helps to see even the shortest and finest hairs. The Wet & Dry technology allows you to also use the Silk-épil in the shower or in the bathtub for hair removal quicker and less painful.

Braun guarantees that the skin remains smooth for up to 4 weeks with the Silk-épil 9-561. The Epilation is fast. It has numerous interchangeable heads. It is easy to clean since it is impermeable to water. It has a beautiful design, is handy, compact and light. The battery has excellent autonomy and can be recharged quickly. For safety reasons it cannot be used while it is attached to the power cord (only for charging). For us, the Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 is the best epilator in circulation for women and men.


Although not designed for men, the Braun Silk-épil 7 7681 is one of the most used among men. The reviews of users who have used, and who use this epilator, are very positive. Braun 7681 is really effective! It's a wet & dry epilator. It can also be used in the shower. It is cordless and battery operated. It is equipped with a flexible head that adapts to the curves of the body, making epilation more precise. This epilator effectively removes even the very short hairs, up to 0.5mm. It has 40 tweezers that remove hair directly from the root, making the skin smooth for weeks.

It is equipped with 5 different accessories, namely the razor head, the regulator cap, the maximum efficiency hood, the hood for sensitive areas and the hood for the face. Let's see them in more detail. The razor head converts the epilator into a normal electric shaver. You can use the Regulator cap to adjust the hair at a certain length before starting the epilation process. The hood allows the epilator to keep in close contact with the skin, for a faster process. Once used to epilation, switch to this hood for better results. The Cap is used for sensitive areas such as the armpits and the groin. It allows greater control and precision.

The Hood for the face guarantees greater precision in removing facial hair. The massage cap is already attached to the epilator. During epilation, by means of mini rollers, it performs a skin massage to relieve the pain of the process. Remember to take it with you on business trips and on vacation. Unwanted hair will only be a memory and you will have smooth skin for weeks!

I think a review must be as objective as possible. If the product has something negative, you need to let it be known to its readers. I must be honest! The negative part of this epilator (and of all the others) is the pain that is felt during the process. Unfortunately, there are no epilators that do not cause pain.

For those who have been using an epilator for some time, any epilator is a known problem. The good news is that over time your skin will begin to get used to it, and the pain will only become a tingling.

The Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Pro 7681 is very effective. The epilation process is fast. You can also epilate yourself in the shower. Speed 1 is for a more delicate epilation, speed 2 for extra efficiency. An integrated light illuminates the area of hair removal, to see all the hairs, even the smallest ones.

You can use it all over your body. It is equipped with a good razor and a precision regulator. It has an ergonomic design. It is easy to clean. You can rinse it under running water, it's waterproof. It's cordless so you do not have the thread problem that can hamper the process. It is easy to use. You can take it with you anywhere. It is very delicate in sensitive parts, like the bikini area

You cannot use it while it's in charge. It is a little expensive, but worth the money spent. The massage cap, unfortunately, does not reduce the pain. It already has a good battery life, but Braun could do better. It can be noisy.

My final opinion

The Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-561 is an extremely efficient hair removal epilator. Compared to many other epilators, it removes unwanted hair in fewer passes. It also removes those small and thin hairs that even the wax cannot eliminate. Although not designed exclusively for men, it is powerful enough to eradicate any type of fur, even the thickest of males.
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