A Letter to My Life

Dear Zindagi,

Today, I am writing this letter to let you know, how important you are for me and today, in the middle of my thirties, I'm writing to tell you again that I love you and declare my gratitude for you. I started loving you from the enchanted morning of the day I was born and since then we live a fairytale difficult to describe in words.

You are the most beautiful gift that the divinity may have granted to my body, and you are so beautiful, deep and full of details that you can only weep with joy for having received this as a gift.

I love you because you free me from the darkness that envelope me and choke my thoughts, hopes and dreams every now and then. I love you because you help me to know how to better discern the real values of life from the song of the nightingale, from the cawing of crows to the intolerance and understanding.

There are times when it seems that you and I are going in two separate directions, but in reality it is not so, as the many small and big trials teach me, guide me in my growth that I have to pass in order to get back to fight with all my strength. I love you, life! I am honored to have had another opportunity to grow my soul through you, for the great wisdom that you give.

You not only lead me to climb high peaks, and help me attain unexpected results but also make me feel those moments and my essence, my character, and my personality. I'm not afraid, my life. Even when you make me angry, but like an old lady, you insist me on not giving up on what I think is my right.

I'll try to provide you with enough smiles and as little tears as possible. I'm sorry if I do not always thank you for the daily opportunities that you give me. My life, nobody can tear myself away from you, only other than the natural course. Before that day there is you and your passion, love, and emotion. You have opened in front of me a door that no one can close.

When I take a step back and start to analyze myself, I realize that the difficulties, the ups and downs, and all the problems have helped make me the person I’m today. You have always been my number one fan as you are the guardian, the best friend, the teacher and the list can go on and on.

There were times when I did not understand you and only now I realize the importance of all you did for me. You showed me how to treat others with kindness, compassion, and love. You've turned me into a man, who is able to express himself and his emotions, without fear of being considered weak by others.

The best thing is that I'm still learning from you every single day. I know, I made you angry at times and I told you phrases that I would not want to tell you. Despite that, you've always been proud of me, as you enjoyed my successes and accepted my failures.

You always believed in me and my dreams, even in the moments when I did not even believe in myself. You are my supporter, my rock. You're the first person I go when times are tough and I need to be reassured.

I hope you can look at the man that I've become and be proud. Yes, there are so many people I have to thank as many people have made me the man that I am today, but you're the first one that deserves my gratitude. You are the best thing that happened to me.

We will be together forever. I will keep you and will feed you more each day to the best that I can, and I will always honor you, every hour, every minute and every second. Every little fragment of time is very important because this moment will never exist again and I cannot afford to waste any of that.

With infinite love from your number one fan,
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  • Womanzie
    Womanzie November 14, 2016 at 10:18 PM

    Love your zindagi and it will definitely love you back...Rightly expressed!

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