An Adventure

I think adventure and nature is one thing and that is going back to the basics. We live in a world where reality has too many filters, where the humanity even for good purposes has created too many things that take us away from the actual value of things.

For me adventure is comparable to the unknown trails on the woods, on the mountains, to the hike or moving on a trail to orient ourselves in the undergrowth especially off the path little by little, inch by inch, day by day getting to know the way the territory and to discover what lies beyond.

Adventure is in the forest, without the path, pushing you in and helping you. From one trail may draw different ways. It’s up to you to just know you are directing yourself. If you feel on top of a roof of the world in the woods you feel "inside" a world. Animals make their lives and sometimes you look like you do with them. If you respect the forest and they accept you then you really feel part of integrands of the road you are on.

Adventure is in to know the plants, to recognize the oak trees, springs from which animals drink and to observe and live the seasons. I find joy in discovering the woods around me. Of course, then every day I explore the woods, and then I go to find paths without a map and compass.

The adventure is also in general the approach to nature. For me the adventure is in finding a hidden cave in the forest and getting over the fear to go actually inside it and see what lies within the cave. Why it makes me feel good is because the adventure is in finding something that makes us feel good and that no-one has seen.

Adventure is a concept that affects many aspects of my life. Excursions to places that I never explored are adventure, diving and exploring underwater caves, which are revealed by showing all their beauty made of light and the blue rays but also take experiences never experienced, design and groped to accomplish. Then, what I consider adventurous is to explore the world of mysticism, always fascinating and full of valuable lessons.

Adventure for me is to be out of time walking on mountain trails that are the same for thousands of years, without any significant signs of human civilization and here for me this is adventure regardless of being in a forest or on a mountain. The adventure is when you no longer have full control.

Adventure is the kind of experience that enhances you more, because it forces you to solve situations ever faced before, but it is also dangerous because if you do not find the solutions it may end badly. Adventure, is what you live that what you dream.
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