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Many people wish to understand how to change their lives and live happier existences. Change is a complex subject and if you, like me, feel the need to implement it, you need to know the aspects on which to work. To achieve happiness we each must first establish the things that prevent us from being happy. Secondly, we should implement the right strategies to remove these barriers.

The change always starts from the inside and affects the way we understand reality and interpret events. Time is the greatest asset we have, not only because money can never buy time. Above all, the mechanism of consumerism takes no time in order to prevent us from thinking about things and acting on instinct to consume and waste as much as possible.

For the time we must first stop doing unnecessary things, like forwarding SMS for good fortune and wasting time on activities that do not improve our psychological condition. The are many stories of the greatest entrepreneurs who have dramatically changed consumer habits. They have made courageous choices with brilliant insights. These are entrepreneurs who can be called "explorers" because they discovered virgin territories. They have created new "civilizations". They dug where no one thought there was oil.

You cannot do something that goes against the common thought. It would be too easy. You have to be smart and make intelligent choices, accompanied by a good dose of courage, to do what no one believes. The stage of research and development of new products is certainly among these choices because investing in a new product is a big question mark. No one has been able to make the right moves to reap rewards when following the same line of thought.

In 1951 Tetra Pak was created for the undifferentiated market with a product like milk. The packaging, in this case, was the real element that allowed the exploration and conquest of new markets by its users. Soon it was copied by all the competitors in this group.

At the base of exploration and conquest, there is always a great ability to see beyond appearances, beyond the common sense of things, and beyond the competitors. For us to see "beyond" means is seeing with the eyes of the consumer, reposition our considerations from his point of view and at its height - the height of the shelf. Just by looking at things from this point of view it is possible to reach new lands and make new achievements!

In life, you have to have something extra, a brilliant idea, and a stroke of luck, the ability to do something before and better than the others. Here are some ways to look for small savings, additional income or, at best, a real breakthrough.

Be wary of those who promise "miraculous methods" or "infallible recipe" to make money quickly, especially on the phone and the internet. The modern smartphone world is a great showcase and an opportunity for growth and visibility.

It is also true, though, that sometimes the gains are within reach. Sure, you have to have something extra. We try to trace a way to look for additional income or, at best, a change of life while many people are living by trading and exporting local products like wine and tea.

More and more people consider online trading as a second job. Earning foreign exchange can be a risky investment, but it has large windows of profitability. We have to study hard techniques, as for any other activity. But you can train without risk without real money, because most brokers allow a trial period by opening a demo account that allows simulations, before putting "real money".

An economic and financial background is preferable, but not essential. When you feel ready, you can start with a small capital of a few thousand rupees. Experts recommend avoiding small markets, focus on the big ones and put a cap on the risk. Always look for new opportunities. When a deal is in the headlines, it is already late to take action.

If you are tech savvy, developing an innovative app can allow you to make the big leap as inventing something new, useful and original. The iPhone and Android mania just goes on increasing. Half of the users give the assault at the Google and Apple store, in order to procure all imaginable applications from games to useful services, from recipes, entertainment to reminder apps. So developing a good paid app can be a good source of revenue.

A life annuity is the dream of many and privilege of a few. You can bring home a safe paycheck without lifting a finger and have a certain income, in the absence of paid employment.

The time then should be dedicated exclusively to those activities to enable us to live happily. Using it to earn more money than we really need to live is a senseless waste, especially if this money is then spent on unnecessary items, which do not help us to be happy and change our lives.

The work should be a means and not an end that allows self-reliance without imprisonment for life. For this reason, it is important to work as little as possible, without stress and with profit, in order to earn just enough to live, completely eliminating waste.

Does astrology predict the stock market?

Can the stars predict your investment? First and foremost, most investors, analysts, journalists and enthusiasts check the news for the latest market updates.

Many around the globe believe that the movement of stocks, bonds and currencies can be interpreted by the direction of the planets and stars. This field is contemporarily known as Financial Astrology. Are you a believer in Financial Astrology?

Goldman Sachs released a paper in 1999, focusing specifically on the correlation between eclipses and the state of the financial market at that time.

What can the stars say about your investing?

Financial Astrology might be considered a superfluous phenomenon, with many believers who follow the stars rigorously. This principle comes under the umbrella of Heterodox Economics which is the analysis and study of economic principles considered outside of mainstream or orthodox schools of economic thought. This school of thought helps in developing new ideas and challenging existing ones. All the good ideas were once absurd, weren’t they?

Wall Street Forecaster was one of the top forecasters. Many clients asked for their copies to be delivered in “brown paper” to avoid mockery.

With history being a witness, these celestial bodies were considered the ones who could depict the future, and by studying planetary movements, humans could answer questions like when to plant crops and when to wage war. Rulers and kings preferred to consult an astrologer before they made any important decision. Astrology still survives strongly in almost every culture in one form or another.

It all comes down to personal choices and actions.

Calm down Scorpios.

Our man, Fibonacci

The methods used for Financial Astrology to predict long-term by looking at history and making mathematical predictions based on patterns relative to astronomical events. This is where the Fibonacci sequence comes in.

Interestingly, in this sequence dividing any number in the series by the previous number, the ratio is always approximately 1.618. This ratio is also known as the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio is the most elite proportion transfer, often manifested in our daily lives.

Fibonacci ratio is used not only in financial astrology but also in the human face, Mona Lisa, the Twitter logo, hurricanes etc.

Another indicator of Financial Astrology comes in with the 'retracement level forecast’ stemming from the Fibonacci sequence, which is a technique to identify the level up to which the retracement can happen. Each level is associated with a percentage, and this percentage is how much of a prior move the price has retraced. The indicator is useful because it can be drawn between any two significant price points, such as a high and a low. The indicator will then create the levels between those two points. This helps investors enter the ’trend investing’.

Does Muhurat Trading fall under the same category?

As simple as it can get, no. Muhurat Trading does not fall under Financial Astrology. Muhurat Trading is simply an Indian tradition and a big festival for investors. Since Diwali is a national holiday, the stock market opens for a period of 1-hour for trading to commence.

Historically, Diwali has been considered auspicious to start new beginnings, and welcome prosperity, success and wealth. The spiritual belief associated with Diwali is what helps the market. With investors trading rigorously for 1-hour, the CAGR seems to be green! But we’re definitely hoping that the stars align during Muhurat!

We’re surrounded by the unknown

Not a single living organism on the planet knows everything. Out of the millions of galaxies out there we’re a part of a small planet, surviving the odds every day. There are forces beyond our control at work, and that gives us the wisdom to know that not everything is in our control. Maybe the cosmic power is at play here when the Sun signifies the stock markets or Mercury or Venus can destabilise the market.

In the end, it’s the knowledge and individualistic belief that guides an investor. Remember the three R’s; Research, Risks, and Rewards, and make your own calculated decision.
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