Dell Tablet for Travel, Shopping and Blogging

The tablet has become the best friends for the modern traveler. My experience with the Dell Venue tablet is very positive. The thing that surprises me is the flexibility and versatility that this device is able to offer. I can watch movies on a train or listen to music or read ebooks or scribble the travel diary of the trip.

It helps in providing directions, advice and even making reservations on-the-go. It also helps in keeping the travel itinerary and documents during my vacations. The various Apps simplifies the organization in planning the trips.

Booking flights, trains, car rental, hotels, travel insurance are now at my fingertips. It helps to find venues, attractions on the map and view photos, history and description of the places. In theory, the Dell Venue tablet is born to be a travel guide. It acts as a shopping utility. I can watch movies, chat on the go, or work on Word and Excel spreadsheets.

The air travel apps help find the flights between the two destinations. The hotel related apps allow me to book hotels as also save the favorite hotels. I can view all recently viewed hotels. The Google Maps app allows me to locate all the hotels on the map.

The transport related app helps me to get around on public transport in many cities of the world. The currency converter app helps in finding the local money values. The to-do app helps in preparation of the lists like shopping lists or lists of things to do, see, eat, drink on the go!

I can type while sitting beneath a tree in an open space next to a lake. I chose a Dell tablet and it has transformed my adeptness as a blogger.

Here are some of the things in the Dell tablet that have made my life a lot easier.

1. With better portability, my tablet is like a laptop, what laptops were to PCs.

2. Rather than actual software programs, the tablet is more about Apps, that makes my life easier.

3. Live tweet from any fashion or music shows.

4. I become the first one to tell about trendy looks or funky grooves to the world.

5. Whenever any idea strikes my mind, my tablet comes handy to note down article ideas. Now it is not only when I stare at the PC screen that I get the inspiration.

6. Pin it or share them with my followers to engage across different platforms.

7. Not like I haven’t done it before. Multitasking got easier and better.

8. Be it Candy Crush or music, little entertainment relieves my stress while I’m stuck in traffic.

9. The Dell tablet is compact and handier. Dell tablets on the market are smaller than an average tablet.

10. Anybody can master the user interface of the Android-based Dell tablet.

My Dell tablet is a major step forward between travel, blogging, and shopping.
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