Baggout - An App for Shopping and Fashion Lovers

Fashion and technology meet, with the aim of changing and simplifying the way of making purchases on the web. In the Baggout Android application, you will find everything you need to dress and your favorite brands. So you'll find dresses, pants, coats, shirts, or shoes from top brands. All this from an app designed to be used in a simple and intuitive way and among which you will find competitive prices and reliability and security in terms of purchases and shipments. It is also easy to find special discounts and sales campaigns at different times of the year with which to renew your wardrobe.

There are more and more applications that allow you to connect images to each other, using the technology for visual recognition. The operation is simple. Just take a picture of the desired object and the application provides a "match", helping you find the same product online or something very similar. The choice is made possible through a series of previously selected dealers included in the app.

If online shopping had already revolutionized the world of fashion and forced companies to adapt their offer with e-commerce, now the apps again upset the old buying habits. There are now many smartphone applications that allow you to shop in an innovative way, choosing from thousands of options on the web and from all over the world.

Buying online has already become for many users the main way they have to acquire fashion items such as clothes, shoes or bags. The supply of online stores continues to grow and the likes of Amazon and Flipkart have joined thousands of distributors of different sizes. Among them Baggout, the online fashion store offers all kinds of items for women, men, and children.

In the Android version of the application you will find features such as the following:

Thousands of fashion and accessory brands for men, women, and children.

Barcode reader to compare prices of physical stores with Baggout.

Personalized recommendations based on your favorite clothing brands.

Discover what is trending and get inspiration for your purchases.

Share your favorites on WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Free shipping and returns.

Automatically synchronize your shopping list on all your devices.

Order tracking

Have you seen it on the street or in a store? Photograph it and buy it

The application offers a system by which you can take photos of any garment you have seen and find the item that most resembles it. So it does not matter where you find the inspiration. If you carry your phone you can buy it.

This is how Baggout works, downloadable for free from the app store. Users can track down and buy items seen in the Facebook profile photo of someone they know, in a magazine or on the street, simply by photographing them. Words, often, are not enough to describe the dress that someone is looking for. This app for the "matching" between images can be considered a sort of Shazam (the well-known musical application) for fashion.

Advice when buying online so that your experience does not cause you a trauma, follow these tips:

Know your measurements. Before making any purchase it is essential that you know what size you are. Take a tape measure and measure your waist, hip, chest, crotch, skirt length or pants. If you follow these steps, you have little chance of making a mistake.

See the measures of the garments because the sizes of the brands usually change.

Learn to choose a serious app or store. Check that all your data is protected, that they accept returns and that they have a very good reputation. Investigate before buying at a certain site (read the comments left by users).

Do not be fooled by not reading the fine print. Generally, these words that are almost not seen offer relevant information for the buyer.

When you see the price of the product in the app or website, it does NOT include the shipment. Find out if there is a minimum amount in that store that you bought to get the free shipping. If so, take the opportunity to buy other clothes even if they are the next season, but take advantage.

Don't be impressed by affordable prices. Maybe in other pages or apps that same item is on offer or discount. Subscribe to the mailing lists to receive offers by e-mail .
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