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You cannot miss Seafood and Pomfret Fish in India

We invite you to know the wonderful world of India. By visiting it you will enjoy delicious dishes and traditional drinks from that country. As for fish, one of the most precious delicacies is called the Pomfret (Indian salmon). The fish is marinated in spicy coconut sauce, green chilies, cumin, lime juice, mint and coriander leaves and then carefully steamed being wrapped in a banana leaf. Before consuming the fish, the banana leaf is removed.

From Goa, we went to Bombay, a city full of contradictions. This is where the creme de la creme of Indian society lives, from top executives to the glittering stars of Bollywood. This makes it an expensive city for tourism. They showed us real holes for the usual budget and we ended up spending the most expensive night in India in a hostel.

On the other hand, Bombay also has the largest shanty town in Asia, where more than 5 million people live. In the absolute misery is where you find equality and solidarity, feed the elderly. They celebrate everyone's wedding and everyone grieves and cries with the dead. It is incredible that these people, in spite of everything, give us lessons about humanity.

We went to visit the nearby Elephanta Island. And here as elsewhere in India, instead of taking the stones to build temples, they built the temples making caves in the rock itself. And they did it with an amazing degree of detail.

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra boasts an amazing variety of food. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there is a wide variety of different types of cuisine. On its way to becoming the commercial capital of India from a village known mainly for fishing, Mumbai has come a long way in terms of gastronomy. On the other hand, the people who emigrated to Mumbai, from different parts of India hoping to make their dreams come true, have brought with them gastronomically delicious gems that have contributed to diversity.

As a culinary note of this area, we have to talk about fish. Already wanting a fresh fish we went to the restaurants and ordered a lunch with pomfret curry. The waitress showed us all the fish in a tray to choose by eye. It was very rich and as you can see it had an Indian touch (spicy). For the most erudite in Indian food, you will have guessed that it was Tandoori style because of the redness.

Not in vain, seafood plays a major role in the coastal Indian diet, with fish often taking the place of meat. Common fish dishes include the Bombay duck, which is actually a fish called bombloe that is fried or curried, Doi Mach, curry fish with yogurt and a flavor of turmeric and ginger and the Chingri Malai Curry or curry prawns with coconut. You'll also find lobster, plentiful crab, prawns, and squids. The Konkan region is a particularly prized source of fish and seafood, including gigantic jumbo prawns the size of a well-fed crab.

Seafood is a good option if you're trying to avoid spicy foods. Fish is usually prepared in a fairly simple way. It is usually fried (sometimes by bread crumbs) or grilled and served with a touch of lemon or in a mild garlic sauce. However, you will find some fiery fish curries, while spicy seafood is also quite common. The spicy crab is particularly popular.

If you plan to visit Mumbai at any time in the future, then you should definitely try these local dishes that have won praises from people who belong to almost all social conditions.
Kalyan Panja
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