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Where to Eat the Most Original Chicken Dishes

The following article will make your mouth water because a large number of succulent dishes will be mentioned. It will be difficult to control your cravings after reading about the exquisite food. The city of Aguascalientes was a meeting point for several commercial routes that went to the north and south of Mexico. With the introduction of the railroad during the Porfirian era, thousands of people from all over the republic came to the hydro-calid lands. They bring with them their gastronomic influences. The dishes and seasonings were combined with local foods to create one of the most representative cuisines of the region.

Of the traditional dishes of Aguascalientes it is almost an obligation to try the Aguascalientes Chile. Another typical dish is Pollo San Marcos. The exquisite chicken is served especially during the popular San Marcos Fair. It is made with succulent golden chicken with tomato sauce, accompanied by mountain chiles.

Chicken is one of the basic ingredients of the human diet and that is reflected in the menus of the restaurants. We show it with this route, in which we visit new openings in the capital following the trail of this poultry.

The Portuguese tradition is served where chicken is marinated with a secret recipe. It is then cooked on a charcoal grill opened in half so that they are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sauces are served separately and there are lemon butter, green mojo, chimichurri and spicy piripiri soft or strong. The garnishes range from chip chips to couscous with a touch of oil and turmeric or the red cabbage salad.

Two North-South proposals arrive from the American continent. They serve the biscuit-coated wings with maple syrup mayonnaise.
Indian proposals has spices that shine with their own light. In the "tandoor" oven, the chicken is served macerated in a mixture of yogurt, ginger, garlic and traditional spices (tandoori), or chopped and marinated with herbs and spices (tikka). The poultry also reigns in the curries from the soft korma to the piquant vindaloo.

Dutch cuisine, which does not go beyond winter stews, stews and, yes, many sweets. The good thing about this limitation is that the Dutch are much more open to kitchens in other countries, such as Italy, France, Spain, China, Mexico. It is very simple to find both the ingredients needed to cook at home and restaurants. In fact, it is quite difficult to find a restaurant that serves Dutch food.

But among all the kitchens that the Dutch like, I would dare to say that the one from Indonesia, former colony of the Netherlands, is their favorite. Dishes like nasi goreng, bami goreng, gado-gado or saté are the most popular.

The sate or satay is basically a skewer with pieces of meat made on the grill and accompanied by different sauces. The most popular version, at least in Holland, is with chicken meat and peanut sauce. It is common to find it in many Dutch restaurants, not only Indonesians. And in spite of the strange thing that can sound to some this combination of flavors, I can assure you that it is very very good.
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