Trip to The Moon Valley and The Iguazu Falls

If you go to visit the Iguazu Falls, a good tip is to try to match your stay with full moon nights. The mystery of the night becomes the spectacle of the waterfalls, lit only by reflections of the moon in a highly recommendable experience.

The night is usually the best provided further that night is clear, of course. The circuit made by the Iguazu falls under the full moon is the Devil's Throat. There are three possible times when you can make the visit, with the option to include dinner or not at a restaurant.

For more information on night walks around the falls you can visit the official website of the Iguazu Falls. You will find the dates for the current year, schedules, phone numbers and email for reservations, pricing, payment, cancellation policies and schedules of public transport, among other information.

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As always, you can arrange the tour through agencies but it's probably cheaper to plan on your own. After visiting the Iguazu Falls in Argentina you can travel towards Chile. Chile is known for being a very long country in the Southern Cone in South America. It is a country with many different ecosystems and arid landscapes, beaches, mountains, forests, vineyards, volcanoes and even ice fields. That is why Chile is a very attractive country for those who decide to visit it.

Yes, it is far, but it really worth spending a vacation to this beautiful country. North of Chile is the Atacama Desert, considered the driest desert in the world and this is where the magic seduces its visitors.

Just 13 km from San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most charming towns in Chile, the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). This immense valley has dry, reddish soil and sand and strange stone formations. It is one of the main attractions of the area where thousands of tourists visit this place every year.

Walking through the Valley of the Moon looks like you're walking into another world, a dream, in a space you've never imagined walking. As we reached the entrance of this valley the world changed, I felt I had walked away from this planet. We walked by huge sand dunes, hiked ground passages with salt, saw structures oddly shaped rocks and also we witnessed a show of nature.

The tour was coming to an end. We reached a point where our feet had a lunar soil, a constant image eroded land orange light covering sunlight quickly down to our right. while the sun was on the left side a huge full moon that illuminated this lunar valley with a unique and magical light emerged.

This spectacle of nature left us all shocked and try to take photographs in the mind, those that even if your camera breaks down, will accompany the rest of your life.

Definitely walking this valley, this lunar desert, has been of the best travel experiences of my life.


Wear comfortable shoes, personally, I recommend tennis or trekking boots.

Remember that usually, it gets very hot, so bring water in your backpack.

Do not forget to wear sunscreen.

If you stay to watch the sunset, the temperature can drop abruptly so I would recommend bringing something to cover yourself.

If you are interested in traveling more destinations in Chile, I recommend you take a look at the Chili Travel Guide that I share on my blog. And if you're going to organize a trip to Iguazu Falls, you should not miss our Argentina travel guide.
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