8 Fun Things To Do In New York City

Contrary to what many people think, in addition to most of the new buildings and skyscrapers in New York City, it is also possible to admire the architecture of the past with its 19th and early 20th century buildings. NYC is a metropolis surrounded by water, in fact it rises partly on the mainland and much on islands, of which Manhattan is the most famous. The Atlantic Ocean and the Hudson River are the true masters of the city. Living in NYC is a dream for many.

New Yorkers get a bad rap for being rude and unfriendly, but in reality, people are often nicer than is commonly thought. Warm and friendly people are often found. They certainly aren't willing to smile, but if you need help or some information, they won't stop.

Once installed… What do I do in NYC?

If you have already decided to change the course of your life and settle in NYC as your place of work or studies, you have to think about what you are going to do in your free time.

fun things to do in new york city

Here are some of the options out there:

1. To Enjoy Each Season of The Year

Perhaps because winter seems endless and autumn and spring last a breath, after a while in New York you learn to enjoy the small pleasures of each season. From the comfort of a hot coffee when the trees are bare, the gray sky and the icy currents slip through the folds of your scarf. From the joy and peace of a spring afternoon walking among newly planted daffodils and tulips.

From a summer afternoon sitting on a terrace or a street bench, with a cold beer or iced coffee and that sticky humidity that does not disappear even after nightfall. In our New York calendar you will find ideas to enjoy each season of the year, no matter what temperature the thermometer shows.

2. Stroll through Central Park

New York is the perfect proper to refer to the word city. And sometimes, the transfer of a city can "saturate". So, when you finish working or studying, enjoy the Central Park trails on foot. Grab your bike or stretch out on the Sheep Meadow with a picnic.

3. Board the Staten Island Ferry

It is not just for tourists. New Yorkers love the Statue of Liberty, and you can learn to love it as much as if you were already there. Would you like to see his face without paying a penny? (Or dollar). Hop on the free Staten Island Ferry. You will see how as it moves away from Manhattan you will see amazing views and the Statue of Liberty very close.

4. Take a museum tour

The Met, the MoMa or the Museum of Natural History. Treasures of the city that you can visit whenever you have free time. And best of all, no matter how much you visit them, you will always discover new things.

5. Go to one of his musicals

In the theaters of Times Square and Broadway every night you have mythical musicals and plays with which to have a good time. So if you don't know what to do when you get off work, hitting Broadway can be the “final act” to cap off the day.

6. Do you like basketball?

If you are passionate about this sport, you are in luck. New York has one of the most famous teams in the world: The NBA. But not only that. You can also enjoy baseball, ice hockey or American football games. There is to choose!

7. Go shopping!

There are hundreds of stores where you can shop, from clothing to electronics. Woodbury Common, Jersey Gardens of Empire Outlets, in Staten Island are outlets where you can buy clothes and accessories at a good price (since we are talking about one of the most expensive cities in the world).

8. And if you're hungry...

Are you more of a hamburger, pizza or bagel with cream cheese? In New York you will have no problem enjoying its peculiar gastronomy. But not all are candies and donuts, there are also renowned restaurants in NYC such as: Lombardi's, Keens Steakhouse, Eleven Madison Park (Of course, it prepares more than $200 per cover).

A day is a day!

For many, NYC is the center of the universe. In fact, it is difficult to find another city in the world, where there are more things to do, more culture or more opportunities. The energy that is breathed here is hardly found anywhere else on the planet. That being said, living in New York is tough, and despite the millions of people who pass through it every day, it often happens that you feel lonely, especially if you weren't born here.

You just moved to New York and you still haven't even learned your new phone number, but you already know what FOMO is: the anxiety of knowing that a thousand things are happening in the city at the same time and you're missing them, because science hasn't advanced enough to clone you and be everywhere.

Concerts, red carpets, street shows, inaugurations. Whatever plan you choose, there will always be another more promising one and you will never reach everything. Wanting to be awake 24 hours is an aspect of the city that never sleeps that you had not anticipated, but with which you will surely live.

There are different ways to look for an office space in the city, if you are looking to establish your company here: You can go to an agency, use Google, take a look at the National agent directory or the MyEListing agent directory or respond to one of those “for rent” signs that are on the facades of buildings. The last two options are less restrictive and may be easier alternatives but beware of scams.

New York is not for everyone. But it is still a unique city. It offers endless possibilities and is a great mix of people from all over the world . New York is a singularly unique place in the world: it is a harsh, dirty, brutal, expensive, crowded, sometimes overwhelming, beautiful, fantastic and inspiring city. Or you love it, or hate it.

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