Brain Games that are Vitamins for the Brain

Hundreds of video games are released each year and there is not enough time to play them all. How are you supposed to know which websites and games are worth your time? The many gaming sites on the Internet are here to help you. Whether you want to check the quality of a game, or you just want to check out the latest games, the game websites will be of great help to you.

For many gaming sites, the focus has shifted away from traditional games, with time tested gameplay and quality, to new-age games or repackaging old classics. Everyone will be interested in playing Sudoku. Fortunately, today this puzzle can be found not only on the pages of newspapers and magazines, but also on the vastness of the Internet.

If you spend hours in traffic or waiting for something, you can spend some useful time exercising your brain, improving your memory and intellectual skills. Where? is an excellent gaming site with a little bit of everything. There are dozens of card games, tile games, object games and fun games appearing in the site. This includes Klondike, Freecell, Mahjong, Zuma Ball, Tennis among numerous others. The site offers a wide range of games and provides games for the needs of all ages over the world, and with this in mind, this good site can be confidently recommended.

This means that you can find many gaming offers, sometimes very diverse. The games can be played as a browser flash game. This means that you can enjoy everything that the site offers right in your browser. All games are adapted, which means that they automatically adjust to your screen size. All the games feature excellent modern graphics, animations, and speed. The site exudes style, quality, and exclusivity.

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There are too many things to love about this site. Of course, we do not always think about the benefits of some activity. Sometimes we just do what we want. To be honest, I don't see anything shameful in this, if it doesn't stop someone else from living. There are useful and ordinary hobbies. I find crosswords and Sudoku useful. I have several reasons for this.

In short, for many years of study at school and institute, I did not give up this hobby and even introduced it to many of my peers and classmates.

Sudoku is an ancient game that is very popular with the young and old. If you want to improve your memory and brain activity you need to solve the Sudoku. Scientists have found that Sudoku puzzles can increase intellectual activity and reduce brain age in retirees.

In Japan, for example, Sudoku formed the basis of an entire wellness program specially designed for seniors. Experts are sure that thanks to Sudoku, digital perception of information is developed, and this improves mental activity, and the brain seems to rejuvenate.

By the way, they already knew about this game in the 18th century. Later it was called "Latin Square". It was played in China two thousand years ago. And the modern name and great popularity of the puzzle received in Japan in 1984. "Sudoku" means singular (or an independent number). In 2004, Sudoku appeared on the pages of British newspapers and became famous all over the world.

If not everyone knows the meaning of Sudoku, then everyone knows the word crossword except babies. There is no consensus on your account and it can't be. Some people find solving these puzzles a fascinating activity, while others are simply a waste of time.

Then my passion for them waned. It just happened for a reason. There was a marriage, many new emotions, sensations, moves, repairs! Somehow, imperceptibly, I stopped avidly looking everywhere, whenever possible, for unresolved empty squares.

Sometime back, I began to notice that I had memory problems. Seriously already. I forgot, confused, out of sight. Some kind of distraction. Many things have been forgotten in some way. Perhaps because there is no study, and the work is the same, the usual routine.

But my grandmother has a wonderful memory, and despite her age, she is in her right mind. When I complained to her again about my forgetfulness, she told me, as always, with a mischievous look: I threw away the crosswords. But in vain!

Then I replied to the grandmother that there was no time. Only later did I realize that this was a banal, if not stupid, excuse. Time can always be found if necessary! How many minutes (and a few hours) a day do we look at the screen of our cell phone? Lot!!! Or they could have done more useful things instead, guessing the same crossword. Nobody drives, it does not demand that from start to finish it is solved in one go.

In short, I got carried away with my old hobby again. Now I understand why my grandmother's brain is still well cooked. Crosswords are good! They improve memory, increase attention and concentration capacity, develop logic, increase knowledge, teach speed of reaction. They do everything so that brains are not "sugary"! And it's almost free and fun!

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