How to get the most from your self-catering family holiday

A self-catering holiday can be a really good option for families, especially if you prefer your trips away to be laid back, and you don’t want to stick to a particular schedule. There are obvious benefits to going on a self-catering holiday with the family. For one, you have complete control over the food you eat, as there is no set menu with limited options to choose from. This is perfect for fussy eaters, or those with strict dietary habits.

Children and elderly people often have specific requirements when it comes to food, perhaps for medical reasons. Self-catering is perfect for this, as they can pick and choose what they eat in compliance with any guidelines. Children may have certain comfort foods too; things they are used to from home. On a self-catering holiday, these can be brought along to prevent any unwanted tantrums!

The other benefit of self-catering is you can eat whenever you feel like it, rather than forcing down meals at times enforced by the hotel. This means the schedule of your day is not compromised by hotel food times; you can get up when you like, eat when you like, and sleep when you like. Again, this is perfect for those with young children whose sleeping times are not quite as ‘defined’ as their parents would like…

Self-catering is a great way to experience the food of another country too. All too often, hotels will serve up generic dishes in order to please everybody. However, a self-catering trip – such as a camping holiday – means holidaymakers have to head out to the local markets for their meals. There is a certain pleasure derived from wandering around supermarkets or delis on the continent. If you love trying new dishes, then this type of holiday abroad gives you the perfect opportunity to be creative with local cuisine.
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