Ideas for Best Walking Holidays

If you are a serious walker, with a solid pair of legs, healthy lungs and fantastic preparation skills then any one of these treks will be fantastic for you.

Inca Trail, Peru:

This 33 km trail is one that was laid by the Incas and is traveled by thousands of people each and every year. Leading from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu you will be sure of a winding trail that will see you going up, down and around the wonderful mountains here. The forest is beautiful here and the snow-capped peaks here will take your breath away.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal:

This is one of the most well-known tourist treks and it is a wonderful achievement to be able to say that you have visited the base of the highest mountain in the world. This is a three-week trek but is one of the best ways to spend three weeks ever! The Sherpas will accompany you on the difficult trek passes and know the area almost as well as the back of their hand.

Becoming accustomed to the altitude will be your first main obstacle here but if you are looking for a real challenging long lasting trek then this is the one for you.

Pays Dogon, Mali:

This is one of the most beautiful locations that Africa has to offer. You can trek here from 2 days up to 10 days and will travel across some soaring cliffs that will make your hair stand on end! While here you can even see some of the cliffside properties that have long since been abandoned due to their location. There are Dogon villages dotted around this area and you may even see some of the people that live here while on your travels. They are majestic people with a real zest for life, and it shows!

GR20, France:

This demanding trail will take around 15 days and see you covering over 100 miles of diverse landscape. You will see moonscapes, forests, craters, glacial lakes, torrents, snow-capped peaks and plans and everything in between. This is a rocky path that will take everything you have, and then some!

Indian Himalayas, India:

This is the least traveled side of the world's greatest mountain range. The isolation that can be experienced here adds to the enjoyment of this trek. You can travel along a trek trail here that can take upwards of a month trekking from Spiti to Ladakh. When trekking here it is simple to see why the phrase ‘the gods live here; this is no place for men’ was coined here by Rudyard Kipling.

Routeburn Track, New Zealand:

A three-day 20-mile trek here will give way to some of the beautiful scenery that is on offer here. Travelling through the national parks of Fiordland and Mt Aspiring some of the top sights of your trek will include Harris Saddle and Conical Hill. They will allow you to view waves breaking near the horizon on a beach! The numbers of people allowed on this trek at any one time are limited so places are much coveted.

Overland Track, Australia:

This 80km Overland Track is simply amazing. Running from Cradle Mountain and snaking to Lake St Clair it is a well-known path that is even boarded in places for a little easier footing. The lakes and tarns here are stunning and will take your breath away. There are different paths that you can follow that will take you past waterfalls, valleys, and further mountain summits. This is a real must see trekking location that offers so much to so few.

The Haute Route, France/Switzerland:

Beginning your trek in Chamonix, France, you will be able to travel to Zermatt, Switzerland, along this magnificent trail. The Alps are amazing and can be seen on this trek in their full glory.

The Narrows, USA:

This is a trek through wonderful canyons that have been created over the past centuries. There are wonderful valleys and canyons here as well as the Virgin River. This is a unique trek unlike any other. You could hike this 26 km trail in a day if you want to. However, travel a little more leisurely and you can stay at one of the camps available here.

K2, Pakistan:

K2 is the worlds second highest peak and offers a vast challenge with its sheets of ice. You will begin by following the icy river here and end up in the pyramidal mountains of Paiju, Uli Biaho, Great Trango Tower or K2 itself.
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