Bizarre Restaurants of The World

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, been seated and given the menu to then realize that maybe this is not the right place for you? I’m sure most of us have experienced this at least once, but what do you do? Walk out? Stay there? Or order the smallest thing on the menu and leave as fast as you can.

While thinking about this I came up with the idea of finding the strangest restaurants and cafes in the world. What if you stumbled into one of these, would you leave? Would you stay? Or would you be brave enough to order something?

Modern Toilet - Quirky Theme

A chain of restaurants spread throughout the island of Taiwan, Modern Toilet provides patrons with the chance to take part in the new dining experience. Diners are provided with a table consisting of toilets for chairs and tables which are made out of other bathroom pieces. The idea originated as an ice creamery but then grew and eventually started offering patrons a larger menu. I wonder if Modern toilet will ever make it to Australia, America, Europe and the UK.

Ginza Restaurant - Vampire Café

Ginza Tokyo, Vampire Café offers individually themed rooms, blood splattered floors, candelabras, skulls, coffins and a bell on the tables to get the attention of one of the gothic dressed waiters of the waitress. The gothic theme extends further and you see it in the way the cuisine is presented and named.

Baggers - Robot-Staffed Restaurant

Found in Nuremberg Germany, the first ever robot operated restaurant has opened for business. The tables have a self-serve screen which offers guest the chance to read other visitors reviews, check out the menu visually and order and pay for their meals. Food and drinks are delivered from the kitchen via a very smart spiral gadget connected to the table. The dish selection is quite standard but the way the food is prepared and cooked is quite different. The 11 chefs select high-quality produce and make sure they prepare and cook the produce in a way where they are reducing fat content and not using any additives.

Hospitalis – Hospital Themed Restaurant

Operating tables, scalpels and tongs for cutlery and drinks in beakers and test tubes, Hospitalis is not for the faint-hearted. Located in Riga, Latvia the restaurant was originally thought up by a group of doctors and has today become known throughout the world! Upon entering the restaurant guest experience bar staff dressed in lab coats, waiters in nurses and doctors outfits and surgical instruments decorating the sterile walls. The owners didn’t just stop there, they decided all food served would be made in the shape of body parts, as I said not for the faint-hearted.

Calico Cat Café

Would you dine why 20 cats running around the establishment? Even if this is not your cup of tea it seems that in Japan people love this kind of dining. Found in Tokyo, Calico Cat Café is advertised as being great for making friends or going on a date and is just fun.
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