What to Do and Where to Travel During the Paris Fashion Week

Do you plan to travel during the Paris Fashion Week? I've lived so much in France, but every time I go back, I always get amazed. The capital of fashion, good food, and champagne, Paris is a city that set trend in a lot of fields. Here are tips to enjoy your stay in Ville Lumière during the Paris fashion week. Get there with our insider tips of the City of Light.

If fashion was a country, Paris, with the permission of Milan and New York, would be its capital. The city overflow with elegance and glamour in every corner of its boulevard and streets. Parisians are often banners of this good taste in their daily dress. When you walk around the city you feel like you are on an improvised catwalk where nobody lacks style.

Every year, the world's fashion capitals host fashion shows from the finest designers. The most sumptuous of all takes place in Paris. Fashion is in Paris as jazz is in New Orleans. This is, after all, the city that Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior gave us. It is the homeland of high fashion and is the forge of future designers around the world.

In February and September, the city feeds in a unique way. Paris is the culmination of four weeks of parades taking off in New York, followed by London and Milan. Without Paris, there would not be the Chanel show at the Grand Palais at the end of Fashion Week. There would be no Louis Vuitton's gorgeous event to raise the venue of the event. Swarms of photographers populate the Tuileries.

New York and London are eccentric and Milan is glamorous, but Paris continues to play the pure show. Here's how to live and breathe the fashion during your stay in Paris Fashion Week.

Where to go and what to do during Paris Fashion Week?

Paris has always been the capital of fashion. The most important trends and styles are still born here. A winter fashion week is a must-see event for all enthusiasts. But other visitors can live in the city, experiencing a unique atmosphere.

Paris is also the mecca of vintage shops. Here you can go crazy and shop in search of the most strange, old and original clothing items. The top shops are in the delightful neighborhood of Montmartre. In other areas of the city also you can find interesting boutiques.

No matter how many times you've been there, the Center Pompidou never disappoints. The exhibitions change and the permanent collection is one of the richest in the world. Take advantage of the fact that on the first Sunday of the month the most important museums in the city are free. Get up to the top floor to admire the incredible view of the city at your feet from the museum roof.

If you get tired and want to regenerate yourself, go to the mosque. Yes, you understand. The Paris mosque is one of the most beautiful in the world. It has colorful columns, blue mosaics, and Arabic decorations. It also has a hammam in a perfect Oriental style. Get yourself in a sauna, whirlpool pools, Turkish bath and super relaxing massages.

Do you want to sip an aperitif in a fashionable place, admiring a breathtaking panorama? From the last floor of the Maison Kenzo, at a step from Pont Neuf, get a spectacular view of the Seine and the city. The best time to enjoy it is sunset, of course!

Bon Marché is, in fact, the oldest shopping mall in France. You can find everything from the most exotic spices to the great luxury brands. There are even visit contemporary art exhibitions with the greatest international artists.

If you want to party and get late, you're in the right place. There are locals of all kinds and music for all tastes. My favorite place? The Gambetta district.

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Where to eat and drink during Paris Fashion Week?

French cuisine is among the best in the world. You should not miss the stage in one of the historic Parisian crêperies. To please the sweet desire there is nothing better than a greasy crêpe.

Photographers and fashion influencers look for quiet and unpretentious places. And in this fashionable city, there is also the elegance that escapes the radar. Are you near the Louvre? The cheeseburger is a remedy for all the ills. Cheeseburgers may not look much like "fashion".

After a day of endless fashion shows and press conferences, a steak and potato dish is paradise. But even the fashion circus needs rest. For this, you can make a jump over Pont Neuf, the Rive Gauche, and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. There are many restaurants nearby, so it's worth taking a look around when you are there.

The French adore the oysters. The most inexpensive is in the heart of the colorful Marché d'Aligre, a fruit and vegetable market. You can choose your oyster by buying them in pieces. Then enjoy them with a good glass of wine leaning against one of the barrels of the venue.

Where to stay during Paris Fashion Week?

Of course, when it comes to hotels, there are also great classics. There are great historic hotels offering stunning views of the city. Not to mention the Michelin Three Star Restaurants. Then there are the beautiful outdoor dining areas. Needless to say, it is a few minutes walk to the city's most prestigious boutiques. You will find Hermès, Givenchy, and Gucci right there in the street.

Where to go shopping during Paris Fashion Week?

As Paris's true lovers know, the beauty of shopping in this city is a big choice. Le Marais is one of the city's most fashionable neighborhoods. It is home to an infinite array of lovely boutiques. Here you will find the youngest protagonists of the fashion circus in search of goodies.

There are eccentric jewelry stores and art galleries. There is a breeze in the area that is not elsewhere. When you are in Paris, it's never a bad idea to take a piece of fashion history.

Colette! More than a store, it's an icon. In no other store in the world, you will find such a sought-after selection of design, art, food, and style. Here you will be able to buy very rare books of fashion or photography at very low prices. You can also find limited edition other rarities. Do not miss the le bar à Eau in the basement. It is a bar with futuristic architecture that sells mineral waters from all over the world.

The ancient Jewish quarter is the fashion, cultural and gay friendly heart of the city. The boutiques of designers and restaurants get frequented by bohemians of all ages. It has a sophisticated and unconventional style.

How to get immortalized by a street style photographer during Paris Fashion Week?

Once you've traced your unique vintage piece, point straight to Jardin des Tuileries. If you are lucky you can catch Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.
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