Ways to Transform the Relationship of Love over a Cup of Coffee

Relationships are always wonderful, where we feel comfortable enjoying the simple things, with the people we love. However, in a world so fragile and uncertain, there are also moments when I feel that the relationships seem distant to me and sometimes I feel as if no one notices me and makes me feel that way. I thought about it, and I found that.

Relationships for me are a multitude of experiences that all lead to the same feeling of feeling good about myself and in equilibrium, of course, but above all safe. I feel comforted by the warmth of affection, like a slice of cake just taken out of the oven or a cup of coffee, but also by the embrace of those who love me.

I would like to invite you to make it your own that will take you to experience very beautiful sensations, which are authentic as life. It will not give you only happiness but it will make you feel much better. It will make you appreciate your relationships without wanting more. And most importantly, it will take your dull moments away.

It’s a way to feel good and to be at peace with ourselves but it is to experience even feelings of belonging to a group, the deep connection, of relationship with others. I engage in not only feelings, but real actions with things that I have done really and that made me experience those feelings with a sense of belonging, comfort, love, consolation, affection, courage and humility.

For me, whenever I feel that strange feeling of separation between my partner, the first item on my list of things to do is the idea of making a cup of coffee together and preparing it together with my partner is the essence of being. I like the idea of both of us flipping through a book looking for the recipe, the time spent looking for the extra ingredients and the aroma that emanates throughout the house. Finally, when we put it on the table, I can’t describe the way her stare makes me feel well and the way it warms my heart and makes me feel useful and appreciated.

The real luxury for me is no phone, no data connection, but only to be in the house with my partner, the silence of our room, and a cup of hot coffee in our hands. When both of us somehow take off these daily nuisances of the modern world, both of us then start appreciating the feel and the fragrance of the infusion, and the sound of our thoughts then ring loud, knowing that nothing can stop us. The aroma arouses us instantly as she cuddles in my arms with the coffee mug in her hands in the intimacy of the house in total relaxation.

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I always like to do things together and I'm lucky to have a partner who also shares the same thoughts as me and whose talent is beyond any possibility of judgment. Rather than doing a work alone, when we sit in two at the large table with a cup of hot coffee and a project to be finished, time passes so well that it seems that we completed an assignment. And I feel grateful from the depths of the heart that so many of those dull days and moments have vanished into moments of warmth while working together.

So many of my dull moments have been gone in front of the fireplace in winter while looking at the stars in the summer, as we both like to sit around and drink a mug of coffee and talk. At the end of the day, it makes me feel good because it allows me to slow down a bit of our speeding time. And, when I have neither the fire nor the stars we share our thoughts sitting in the armchair in my living room, with a scented candle burning.

Somedays when I get up before her, I start preparing the coffee myself and the hours pass quickly and as the steam fires up, the cups get filled and her eyes show signs of opening. There is a no more beautiful thing than staying there, thinking about what she will think when she sees it and when she finally does, the invitation in her eyes can melt any situation away. The ways she reciprocates gives a great boost of courage and love. It makes me feel absolutely precious.

Closing our eyes and embracing each other transports us to another world. A real embrace is the greatest regenerating soul and spirit. It makes me feel good. We hardly speak anything, other than what our eyes do. It relaxes the heart.

We cannot always do great things but we can do small things with great love. I know there are always a thousand things to do but to feel good and love ourselves must be at least on the first sheet, in this nice list that gives us life and preparing a cup of coffee or tea together in solitude or sitting in your favourite chair with a mug of coffee in hand can do wonders to bring the warmth back in your relationships.