Alien Creeps TD Review

Tower Defense is now somehow an old genre. Many game developers use the formula for making games because most of the things are already done for them. Taking a track, putting points where you can make towers, throwing in some stylized cartoon graphics with more pompous characters and some small new mechanics. It’s a bonanza!

Hello readers, the aliens have landed on Earth and they did not come for peace. In fact, they want to take over our planet, but humans will not stand idle and in Alien Creeps TD will form the impregnable defenses. You are one of those human beings who have to protect the world from aliens. Can you save Earth?

Thanks to your tactical skills such as first you can choose where to place your weapons on the battlefield and above all to stop enemies in your headquarters. You will be able to begin the fantastic technological research that can stop even the aliens with a shield. Resisting the aliens will be really tough, but you'll never give in to their arms and will fight them all: wave after wave!

Alien Creeps is yet another tower defense game that has all the frenzy of epic battles with hordes of devious enemies, lightning, helicopters, and explosions. Boom and skip those creeps with powerful towers and mow them down with sturdy infantry units and armed heroes zapping them with the supercharged Tesla Tower! Upgrade your weaponry, plan your strategy and get ready for action!

Are you sick of aliens? Well, these aliens have a story. They have a difficult situation. They are just cannon fodder for your turrets. The purpose is to defend the Earth and at any cost. To fight against the Alien Creeps TD alien you must always have a good strategy and especially effective weapons for each battle as Captain Strike. When the waves of aliens come, you have to follow their path and make the most of the towers as just one mistake from your end will let the aliens take full possession of your base!

To win this gigantic war against the aliens landed on Earth, you need a brief tutorial as in that you will understand how Alien Creeps TD works. In fact, the game is very simple, as you will see there will be a path to follow and on which the aliens will attempt the assault.

You have to stop them with towers and there will be different types, you can, in fact, use the electric range to counter a big number of enemies. But it takes some time to load. You can choose for the soldiers of the tower to stop the advance or it will only slow down. Then there will be air strikes, then the towers of the machine guns and finally the tower of beam laser. They are essential if you want to get rid of those aliens with a protective shield.

There will not be simple quests but you can always count on heroes like Flak, a great warrior who alone can also stop at ten aliens at a time. Once at base camp, you can take advantage of the earned money to begin research on all fields as in Base Busters and thus obtain the most powerful towers to use in battle and win easily!

With that in mind, Alien Creeps got the same things, but the gameplay is pretty solid. There are your traditional towers, with rockets, lasers, machine guns, and small masses of advancing aliens. You can update these towers outside of the maps with the coin, then wait or use micro-transactions to accelerate the process, or buy coins with microtransactions. There are lots of updates of course and you can control the heroes who are upgradeable themselves.

You move the map, protect and kill aliens while upgrading your towers. You can also get new heroes for further progression. With this in mind, the progression will be more difficult if you take the free road. Games like these always encourage transactions, and Alien Creeps is no exception.

Alien creeps have a decent graphics, decent polished tower defense gameplay, and the same line of the story that proliferate these games. The graphics in Alien Creeps TD is very beautiful, the colors are vibrant and the characters are really funny, especially the aliens. The game is so much fun and never too busy!

The game is free and very light then installing it is a breeze. Alien Creeps TD is a game available both on Android and iOS and is suitable for all types of players. It is perfect for those who want an engaging and fun adventure for those who love light and simple but exciting game!
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