Children and Household Chores

We are not a normal family if we consider the times when we go out, re-enter, eat and do the whatever. What does have times with being normal? Well, when ordinary families are having their Sunday lunch, your cooking is still going on. Ditto for dinner as at times when everyone is usually already in bed or are dedicated to the sublime art of fooling around, you still have to sit down at the table.

That's why, in a family with children, perhaps more than in any other, it is essential and necessary to include household chores in the daily routine for males as children also learn watching their parents. I have friends who continue to make distinctions between male and female who stupidly utter a girl has to learn how to clean and cook or how else will they survive when they marry?

And I try to explain them by saying: "consider your child growing up with your own mindset and goes to live with an office working girl, they will be forced to eat tripe, canned food for eternity. But usually I get very, very nasty looks.

What interests me is not to teach children to do household chores in anticipation of the future, after all we are talking about things that you can learn at any time, but in my opinion is just only common sense, and I want to allow them the concept of knowing how to live in a community where everyone is equal and because even the living in two involves compromises and duties as well as pleasures.

What I always say is: "I would love it if I left around my things and you were forced to pick up and put everything in order? Does it feels right and being respectful of another person? Usually, in this way, I get cooperation. What then, every so often, I tend to reward. Children are always eh.

In my opinion, in fact, decades of studies show the benefits of housework academically, emotionally, and even professionally. It is a fact that by sharing household chores, it increases the sense of self-confidence and responsibility of the partner as well as children and who am I to stop them from growing as leaders, with a strong self-esteem and have a future successful professional life? Nobody. So I say yes to in household chores for the sake of my children.

Even my parents started to help each other since I was born and so now during Sundays
I cook at lunch or put the setting in order or prepare the salad to create a home fit for children. I have also noticed that, depending on my behavior, they are also more motivated to help me. as they know that if I dedicate the hours to the cleanliness of our home they should also rearrange their rooms in order or if they take a game should put it back to its place before they take another and start a new game.

For motivating children male members for better cooperation must never say "do this or that", but rather "let us do the stuff” and this points out that they are not only doing a duty but also care for other family members as well as the house in which we live. Parents should schedule their time to devote to household chores and mark the work to be done on the calendar, as if it was for the outing or the football game.

A study has shown that with parents sharing their work increases the children’s desire to lend a hand. They are motivated by the idea of creating a positive identity known as someone who helps others. Do not complain anytime. If you begin to complain you will not be able to speak of housework with a neutral or positive tone.

Choose well the tasks to be done by each other  to promote empathetic behaviors, the jobs assigned to each other should be routine and involve care of the entire family helping in the laundry of all and not only do their own, clean the kitchen and not only fix your own room etc.

This post expresses simply a pedagogical principle that the smaller ones learn from the experiences shared by adults. Education is a form of practical apprenticeship of life. The first stage of education is through the eyes and practical shape through the family atmosphere. It is never a matter of preaching or abstract teachings. Children are like sponges, absorbing everything we do and say. They learn from us at all times, even when we do not understand.

Children are powerless to constant quarrels between parents but living in an aggressive atmosphere makes them feel vulnerable and feel negatively. Some react by becoming violent and quarrelsome, while others become apprehensive and insecure.

So parents can donate a more beautiful gift by making the house a safe haven, so that the children can count on the fact that there is at least one place where they can just be themselves freely. This is the way to neutralize destructive feelings and jealousy that leads to envy, competition and the ongoing confrontation.

If you live your present with commitment and harmony it means that you are preparing a future full of serenity. By working to live honestly and with ductility our relationship we indirectly build the basis for a stable future full of positivity.
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