5 Outlandish Honeymoon Destinations To Visit In India

After all the hotchpotch and the rituals of the wedding, all married couples look out for some cozy time together. This is the time when they can bond and make memories for a lifetime. The Honeymoon period is the time when they can be isolated and no one would disturb them (if you don’t have nosy friends). This is your official 'Do Not Disturb Period'.

Honeymoon planning is extremely important and should be a part of the wedding planning. Some couples venture out of the country whereas some look for places in India to have a great and budget friendly honeymoon. So to ease it up for all honeymooners, I have listed the top 5 outlandish honeymoon destinations in India to have a bombastic time together.

Grab a look and choose where you want to head to!

Lepchajagat - West Bengal

If you are your significant half love nature and wildlife, then Lepchajagat is the place you should be heading to right away. Situated in Darjeeling, this place is famous for the stunning view of the Kangchenjunga sanctuary and the exotic birdlife. It is rich in tranquillity and is located on a hill covered with oak trees.

You can get a beautiful tree house to stay and enjoy the scenic beauty of the different colors in the sky. These colors will leave you baffled and will make you wonder how mother earth gets in all these variations.

Lansdowne- Uttarakhand

The snow covered mountains touching the sky; hiding behind the clouds is the most glorious and alluring view to watch ever. Lansdowne is an isolated hill station located in the Pauri District of Uttarakhand. A view of the mighty Himalayas from a hilltop hotel is guaranteed. There are great options for trekking and mountain climbing. If an adventure is on your mind for your honeymoon, then you should head here right now!

Allepey - Kerala

If you want to sit and enjoy the glimpse of the sun falling on the shining water, Alleppey should be the place to visit. The serene backwaters can soothe your soul and help you relax to the fullest. A houseboat with just the two of you can be a great a place to have those first special moments together. Alleppey is definitely pocket-friendly and an amazing place to visit all around the year.

Minicoy Island - Lakshadweep

The hot sun on the wet white sand is a beauty to watch. One of the most isolated islands in the world, this place should top your list. The Minicoy Island is lush green and is covered with forests. With exotic marine life under the sea, scuba diving will be an experience of the lifetime.

Lachung - Sikkim

Near to the Indo-Tibetan border, Lachung is called the valley of flowers. Such mind boggling can blow your mind, the moment you enter the city. With cultures influenced from both the nations, it has many places to visit. There might not be great establishments to look out for, but a cozy wooden house on the hills is something you will easily get. This is a great place to visit in 0ctober-November. With the winter setting in, this place can make those nights really hot for you (Pun Intended)!

These are the five most amazing and isolated places you can visit if you are heading for your honeymoon. There are hundred other places in our country like these, and I am sure if you pre-plan, you will find your dream honeymoon destination in our country with great ease.

Make a list of things you want to do, and I am sure our country has a lot to offer.

Do let us know which destination you chose and how the experience was!!

Happy Honeymooning In Advance! ☺
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