Asus Zenfone: A Smartphone For Blogging

Blogs are for publishing stories and sketches that are attention-grabbing. It may not be profound or significant enough to publish as a commentary on a glossy magazine. And this is where my Asus Zenfone comes handy. The Zenfone is not a fill-in for my laptop but is an addition to my notebook.

I immediately draw out the Zenfone and in 10 seconds I’m typing in the blog editor on my phone. Whether I am sitting in an open space, car, train, class, or waiting in a cafĂ©, it doesn't matter.

The Zenfone lets me take blogging everywhere. So I blog while hanging out in playgrounds taking pleasure in an excellent winter day. And if I get nearer to the range of a wifi signal I can publish. Easy. My efforts and daily life have both improved.

The Zenfone also makes long train and bus ride very much fruitful. I can at present note down where at one time I would do nothing but nod and gaze out of the windowpane. I no longer have to hang around until I am settled in a room.

The Zenfone definitely is not only for calling friends and family. It plays an important role in my life to:

1. Jot down appointments and schedules to plan my days better.

2. Pen, Paper, who? I no longer need to carry a pen and paper. The food and restaurant related apps help me get an idea of the nearby restaurants.

3. Zenfone is the newest 'in' thing for me to look trendy.

4. Every other fashion label retails online. Shopping is one touch away with my Zenfone.

5. Checking bank statements, to remind me when to stop shopping.

6. Following up with friends. Duh! How easy when Facebook and Twitter go with me everywhere.

7. When I need to refresh myself to search for the nearest Pub, restaurant or other hotspots.

8. For my information and research curiosity and reading Google and Wikipedia.

9. Blog from anywhere anytime at the office, park or the mall.

10. Scroll down my camera roll, go through the notes I write. Taking a moment to reminiscence my beautiful life and SMILE.

After my move to Zenfone, it is my personal assistant and an ideal companion.
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