Make your Office Feel like a Spa

Most offices do not smell good, but you know that to improve the quality of the work environment is also very important.
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Most offices do not smell good, but you know that to improve the quality of the work environment is also very important. Aromatherapy and environmental care and the location of the workplace can be critical to increase productivity and reduce work stress. The smells and scents have the power to stimulate in us our moods.

In Japan, this practice is more widespread, easily found on offices with special scents used depending on the time of day with different fragrances to accompany the employee in that specific activity. The fragrances reduces typing errors when in the office the scent of lemon is spread, or with the smell of jasmine or with lavender.

Odours affect both the good humour and the concentration and productivity. The other aspect of environmental purification is the purification of viruses, bacteria and fungi to limit the risk of allergies or diseases.

The corporate world is researching on special fragrances to allow identification of the brand and deodorize the work points in order to improve the sensory experience and encourage the workforce.
Subtle scents set the mood for your well-being in an office. Try soothing scents, such as lavender, bergamot, sandalwood or, or experiment with refreshing and invigorating scents, such as lemongrass and basil.

But what are these substances that allow us to work better?

Rosemary : helps to think, improves memory and is energizing the mind;

Jasmine : relaxes and relieves tension and nerves;

Vanilla : stimulates concentration and learning;

Lemon : like all citrus fruits helps combat mental fatigue stress and depression;

Bamboo : gives a sense of peace, security and harmony;

Lavender : relaxes, relieves stress and reduces anxiety;

Mint : energizing, refreshing and stimulates the mind;

Chamomile : soothing and fights depression.

Although the use of heavy perfume does not cause serious health effects in the workplace, it may adversely affect the working environment and perhaps even jeopardize the work of the offender. Too much perfume can distract people from their work.

You just have to choose the fragrance that best suits your needs, but you should also be attentive to safety and opinions of the workforce before introducing these scents in your office. The boss definitely will not be happy if you bring candles or burners with flame. For your safety and that of your colleagues is better to use fragrance holders powered via USB or battery.

Creating a spa like atmosphere in your office requires a specific combination of colours, lights, perfumes and organization. The right balance can change your perception of your workplace. Transform your office full of stress, full of visual noise, for a calming, relaxing habitat that is conducive to complete your work.

An act as simple and human as perfuming the place where you spend most of your time will become an integral element of your office life. Besides, if the packaging of your perfume for environment has a sophisticated look, it easily becomes a piece of furniture.

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