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Are you tired of your home? But there’s no need to change your house if you are not satisfied with your own, where often enough a few tricks can revolutionize the home environment to make it more beautiful and cool! Here's how to change its face with simple efforts and rediscover it to make it more beautiful!

Being able to give a nice pass to cool our home is not so difficult, and it can also be very economical. Helping with the DIY ideas we can in fact make many changes greatly limiting costs. Here are some ideas to be implemented to modernize our house using only imagination and creativity!

Say goodbye to the classic white or blue curtains, where in a trip to the nearest hardware store, you will find a drop down from the imagination and much more cooler!

Place some nice coloured carpet covers at the foot of the bed and the couch to make the house appear cozier!

Choose the pillows with funny fantasies and, or use the nice characters to create saucy and comfortable spaces. In order to give a fresh look to the living room, try to replace the old pillowcases pillows with new ones created by you, hand-painted or made of patchwork.

Try to create a lovely DIY centrepiece with seasonal items such as pine cones or dried flowers! Put in plain sight the most beautiful bottles you have, even those already finished and create nice compositions. Transform your home using some scented candles or incense that spreads quickly, and can make you think of something you love!

You just hung a dusty photo that no longer looks cool? Make a total clean sweep with the most latest beautiful photos! For a warm effect, you can use the wood panelling. Even the skirting boards are good for decorating the walls at home! If placed properly give a nice effect of movement.

Set aside the very strong lights, to create a soft and better delicate atmosphere that invites you to relax!

Tired of the usual knick-knacks that take only the dust? Try it with a touch of green and decorate your home with plants. Put a little fun and greenery in your apartment, with a few plants, of cactus which will help improve the environment! A wall of the house you feel sad? Spice it up with flowering shelves.

If you already have a nice library and paintings hanging on and want something different to fill an empty space, you can try to apply the shelves, in number and size and the distance that you like and place them on a number of equal vessels of the same size with just green or flowering plants. The advantage of the first is that they will last all year long, flowery ones, however, will only flower in their blooming season.

Another very interesting idea is to use a lot of mugs, cups or bowls and vases to make them succulent plants, for example these can also be placed in a group on a table or other furniture, perhaps enriching the composition with a few candles. You can collect glass bottles of water or wine and make the vessels in which you only put a flower arranged in a row giving a nice touch of colour and originality.

If your intention is to fill a whole wall, there are also specific structures of wooden sticks or iron poles fixing it with the appropriate mounting systems that are available in any home improvement store that can be formed by poles on which vessels are hooked by the very specific forms in which to place the seedlings that you most enjoy.

The supports must be more or less resistant depending on the material and the weight of the vessels. You can use your most imaginative ideas both in the choice of the vessels and the seedlings to be inserted in them that can be in vintage aluminium or the creative coloured terracotta pots or strange forms coloured funnels with water jugs, or with plastic containers, or holders. There really is no limit.

For the stairs placing plants is an idea that is very reminiscent of English homes, but now finds consensus and fans everywhere. Another idea that is going crazy over the last few years and that is broad consensus is to not place the pots in the ground, but hang them from the ceiling, as if they were so many lamps perfect for freeing space on the ground and giving a touch of creativity to the house.

Not only that, vessels hanging from the ceiling reveals a solution that can give you a lot of movement and colour to a modern house, often quite cold, or to fill the sense of emptiness in homes with high ceilings, or even to emulate the effect of lanterns or cages for birds in shabby houses. Whatever style you've chosen, you can opt to move all at the same height, or create motions putting them at different heights.

From the front porch to the living room and even in the bathroom, you can have many plants in a small space by exploiting the vertical. Even in this case you can indulge, combining pots and plants of different shapes and colours, maybe dedicating a shelf to books, or some candles rather than the towels.

It would be a shame to cover all the windows with curtains. In the first place because they would cover the beauty of the original, and then why not give way to the light to enter fully in the room. But for a little privacy you want. How to fix? With plants!

Also here you can take advantage of the vases hanging from the ceiling, positioned at different heights, and in this way you are still unable to open the windows. If the opening is not a problem, another solution is to fix the arms  with tubes of iron or aluminium from side to side of the window and hang with hooks as many potted plants many as you want to create an effect, and give a fantastic touch to the window and green throughout the house.

And now finally coming to the colours of your home, where the colour of the environment in which we live can have an impact on our mood, so repainting the walls of our room with the right colours can help us to live each day with more joy and serenity.

We are always looking for new ideas to make our home more beautiful, with the walls in particular make us despair without a touch of colour but decorate the walls of the house and you will see that there are horizons that have not yet seen. Then take buckets of Asian Paints colours who has the perfect shades to your liking and a brush and read our mini guide:

For selection of colours, let's start from our closet, evaluating what are our favourite shades in clothing. Often the colours that make us happiest are the ones we wear every day, and this step will allow us to narrow our field of choices. We evaluate our existing furnishings, we need to understand what colours best match to what we already have, and whether it is worth to replace something, maybe a little expensive as bed linen or curtains.


The red, with its rich look and warm lighting at night and the elegant and energetic effect, could be just what it does for us even though it is generally not recommended in the bedroom. The common opinion is not to use red on the walls because it is a too intense and exciting colour, and, not suitable for the room where you sleep. If we choose a shade as strong as this, we must then complement and reduce its intensity with other accessories and textiles. But, chosen in a soft hue, a supple red is fine in the common areas such as the living room or the dining room, to stimulate the creation of a friendly atmosphere.


To avoid the "Barbie house" look, just combine it with natural colours, such as sand and ivory, as the pink colour gives off positive vibes and makes the room feminine and romantic.


Here is a poetic colour and sweet without being cloying. Remember a beautiful morning in August, but it is not too intense and energizing, with this colour indeed, helps to balance the mood and a perfect pair with wood or very clear tone as ivory and cream.


The yellow is often used in kitchens and bathrooms, but if chosen in soft hues, it gives a sense of energy and welcoming atmosphere, and also creates the illusion of a larger space than it actually is but it should be avoided for the bedrooms. It is perfect for the place where we eat breakfast, and suitable for environments where the family gathers with yellow evokes the sun and the outdoors. If you are prone to anxiety, you should avoid the more intense shades of yellow.


The blue can be used at home in small doses. We can paint a wall of a room blue mixed with white or cream colour, to create a focal point of calm and meditation. If we have problems to relax, we should not opt for a shade too dark or bright blue. Shades of turquoise and cerulean matched with warm colours and wooden furniture are full of style and warmth, and at the same time have a relaxing effect on the eyes and mind.


The green helps to create a relaxing and restful atmosphere, perhaps more than any other colour. Let the nuances go from celery to the sage.


We also take into account the different shades of purple, from lilac to lavender which also give a calming effect and reduce pressure blood, and you can also play with many shades of lighter and darker purple.

Too white too bored! We should use neutral colours sparingly, and avoid the too white or too black. The room becomes interesting and personnel if the neutrals are mixed with other decorative elements. Replace some of the whites with colours repainting the walls as also cover the floors with colourful carpets!

Consider also the ceiling where an idea can be to paint it a shade slightly lighter than the one used for the wall, thus creating a sense of continuity in the room.

This really is for everyone, for all budgets and for all solutions with lots of economical solutions. There are so many ways to decorate a home, as many decor styles between where you can choose from.

The one that knows how to make it really special, is the touch of those who live there, that makes it so personal, so unique where we realize where we may just have to change something little, making it more fresh and young by brightening a corner or a wall, and replacing with some complimentary items, which means also to give new life and light to the rooms, painting the house with new colours, with shapes move in the spaces which are new and always different, embracing a more natural lifestyle.
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