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Kati Roll - Traditional Indian Fast Food at Kolkata

If you want to try an authentic kebab I'm sure that you'll love Kati rolls. It is a common street food in Kolkata, with a number of variants under the generic name Kati Roll. It is Indian flatbread or paratha rolled with lamb and vegetables inside. It is also common to find Kati rolls with chicken. It is taken together with a refreshing sauce, lemon or lime or chaat masala, a spice mixture. The price of a Kati roll goes from Rs. 20 to 50.

And suddenly I wake up and thirty years have passed. I see with profound clarity those moments when I thought that I was invincible. When despite the fears and insecurities I felt powerful. The world was at my feet and I knew I had a lifetime ahead. I dreamed of being older and do what I want to do. I wanted to be free, come home late, and choose my destiny. I sipped tea in an old park that is a witness of our laughter and tears and my place of encounters.

Sometimes the past is back with implacable surprise when you stir the innards. I'm happy and sad. It makes you come back with a perhaps too hard jolt. The relentless speed can only give the memories of the beautiful moments. And so these days. I'm happy being nostalgic while recalling a past that never left my heart, but I slept in the depths of my being, without waiting to be awakened.

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Nothing has to do with my childhood memories. Or maybe yes! At that time it was when I began to travel and to discover that the world reached far beyond our small territory. If you walked a little farther, there were people like us with very different customs, of customs, which in our eyes were exotic and curious and then I understood how beautiful is the world and the people who inhabit it.

I am convinced that many people would have some qualms about eating these little treats from the streets of Calcutta. Our eyes accustomed to the almost aseptic hygiene in which we live are not prepared for a lot of things that can be seen outside of our borders. But honestly, I not only do not mind and not that it was one of those things that come from my childhood trips.

Kati rolls are pure street food in Calcutta and elsewhere in India. In the street stalls roasted meats, previously marinated in spices are then wrapped in flatbread. Some people talk about kebabs of minced meat, others lamb kabobs, or chicken. There is no excuse to test flavors that come from afar.

Kathi Roll is preferable for dinner because until dusk the small places where they are sold do not begin to prepare them. Do not expect to eat a Kathi Roll in a restaurant. They are take away food, perfect for when you are in a hurry and even better for when they have closed the bars and you go hungry just before going home.

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